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Foreigners on Mentawai Waters Found and Evacuated

surfin in Mentawai

The National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) has evacuated foreigners who had been trapped aboard the MAKI KLM sailboat, which experienced an engine failure in the waters of North Pagai, Mentawai Islands Regency, West Sumatra.  

Basarnas received data that only eight foreigners were aboard the ship. When they arrived at the vessel, they discovered more passengers were aboard. 

 “There were a total of 24 people aboard, consisting of seven crew members and 17 passengers. Of the 17 passengers, one was an Indonesian citizen and 16 were foreigners,” stated Akmal, the Head of the Mentawai Islands Search and Rescue Office, on Wednesday 16th June 2022. 

Akmal’s team managed to find the location of the ship at around 2:30am local Mentawai time/WIB. 

“When we arrived at the scene, we saw that the ship was safe. The foreigners are from South Africa, the UK, Brazil, France, and Germany.  All were healthy and safe when we found them,” he explained.  

The passengers intended to surf as the ship sailed from Muaro Padang Pier to Mentawai. However, along their journey on Tuesday 31st May at 5:30pm, the ship’s engine encountered problems. Basarnas received the report around 8:05pm, Tuesday. 

“We immediately moved from the office to the pier at 8:20pm, then sailed with KN SAR Ramawija 240 Mentawai to the location, which is an estimated four hours,” he said.

 List of passengers and crew


  1. Syamsul Bahri, captain
  2. Nopan Abdul Agung
  3. Afendi
  4. Sevix Mayten Johnson
  5. Bayu Wira Sanjaya
  6. Hariska Oktaviadi
  7. Inaldi


  1. Michael Edward (UK)
  2. Justin (South Africa)
  3. Marrison (South Africa)
  4. Peter Charles (South Africa)
  5. William Grant (South Africa)
  6. David James (South Africa)
  7. Wartenberg (Germany)
  8. Steven Albert (UK)
  9. Kevin Pattrick (South Africa) 
  10. Andrew Elliot (South Africa)
  11. Wesley James (South Africa)
  12. Murray William (South Africa)
  13. Shanen Kyle (South Africa)
  14. Michelle (France) 
  15. Ian Ferruccio (Brazil)
  16. Ricardo Lopes (Brazil)
  17. Aria Kurnia Putra (Indonesia)

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