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Floods Expected Jakarta as Water in Bogor’s Dam Increases

A heavy downpour in Bogor and its surrounding?areas has caused the water level at the dam to jump up to 170 centimetres.

The Jakarta Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) has announced that Bogor’s Katulampa Dam was placed on high alert, level 2, on Tuesday 23rd April.

A heavy downpour in Bogor and its surrounding areas has caused the water level at the dam to jump up to 170 centimetres. The agency has warned the public to anticipate flooding from the dam. “Waters are expected to arrive at Manggarai flood gate within the next six to nine hours,” the agency advised in an official statement.

According to the BPBD, the high-alert regions in Jakarta are Srengseng Sawah, Rawajati, Pengadegan, Cikoko, Pejaten Timur, Kebon Baru, and Bukit Duri in South Jakarta, along with Balekambang, Cililitan, Cawang, Bidara Cina, and Kampung Melayu in East Jakarta.

The water level in Katulampa Dam was found to have increased significantly from 30 cm to 120 cm on Tuesday night. At 11.45 p.m. it was found that the water had reached a height of 170 cm.

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