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Exports Suspended as Frozen Fish Test Positive for COVID-19

Exports Suspended as Frozen Fish Test Positive for COVID-19

China’s Customs and Excise has suspended the import of frozen fish from Indonesian export companies after detecting the presence of COVID-19 in product samples.

The General Administration of Customs of China wrote that “SARS-CoV 2 nucleic acid” had been detected in a sample of fish imported to China.

In accordance with the rules of custom authorities in China, frozen food suppliers whose product samples test positive for COVID-19 are to be suspended for a week. This is the second time exports of frozen fish from Indonesia has been suspended by Chinese authorities after samples contained COVID-19.

Chinese authorities advised the importance of Indonesia testing exports correctly to ensure the security of products exported to other countries.

“Every time we want to export abroad, all countries ask for a health certificate and its requirements to be filled out. If this is not done, we will not be able to sell products and business employees will be harmed,” said a staff member of PT Anugrah Laut.

The amount of frozen fish exports to China has faced a significant decline since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, marine products from Indonesia are still in high demand.

“Now, because of COVID-19, on average, exports of frozen fish and shrimp from Indonesia to China have decreased. Demand has fallen by 80% in the last few months,” said Marzuki from PT Angurah Laut Indonesia, as quoted by DetikNews

Apart from Indonesia, companies from Brazil, Ecuador, and Russia have also faced one-week suspensions in recent months after their products tested positive for COVID-19.

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