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COVID-19 Task Force Changes Quarantine Provisions for Overseas Migrants and Indonesians

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COVID-19 Task Force Changes Quarantine Provisions for Overseas Immigrants and Indonesians

The COVID-19 Task Force has again changed the mandatory quarantine provisions for foreign arrivals.  

Through Circular No.  25/2021, the COVID-19 Task Force provides quarantine allowances for migrants from abroad with certain categories.  

Spokesman for the COVID-19 Task Force Wiku Adisasmito said this provision revised the rules written in Circular No.  23/2021 which previously required every foreign traveller to be quarantined for 10 days.  The new regulation frees foreigners who hold official visas, foreign officials and entourages on state visits, as well as participants from G-20 delegations.

 “We also release foreign arrivals who are respected as well as tourists who come with the travel corridor arrangement scheme,said Wiku in a press release. 

The regulation also stipulates that Indonesian citizens who come from abroad can also be released from quarantine with special criteria.  Those who have certain health conditions that require special medical supervision are given a mandatory quarantine dispensation.  

In addition, Indonesian citizens who are in a state of mourning, such as the death of their family, are also granted quarantine relief.  

The new regulation also regulates the duration of quarantine for incumbents after travelling from abroad.  Officials equivalent to echelon one can apply for a cut in the quarantine period starting from three days before their arrival to Indonesia.  The relief can apply even if they are not on an official trip abroad.

 “This provision is in line with the statement by the Head of the Task Force, Lt. Gen. Suhariyanto, at a hearing with the House of Representatives on Monday 13th December” he said.

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