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British Gang Mastermind Imprisoned in Bali

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British Gang Mastermind Imprisoned in Bali. source instagram dewatanews.bali

A British crypto trader, Gregory Lee Simpson, is facing jail for several years in Bali after being proven to be the mastermind behind an incident of theft and violence.

Simpson and his two friends, Nicola Di Santo and Mateusz Mariusz Morawa, who are still on the wanted list, stole, robbed, and even committed acts of violence against a foreign married couple who were staying at a villa in the Seminyak area, Badung, on 28th December 2021.

The robbery took place at 2.30am local time in Bali, where the gang broke into the villa where the couple were staying. Upon gaining entry, the trio of criminals managed to steal:

  • Six mobile phones
  • Four motorbike ownership documents
  • Six car ownership documents
  • Expensive cameras
  • Four laptops
  • Rp200 million in cash

Along with an access code for Bitcoin wallets. 

As the mastermind behind the criminal act, Simpson will now face 12 years in a Balinese prison. The sentence was passed at a hearing for the theft and torture in Denpasar Court on Wednesday, 11th May 2022.

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