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Become an EGN Indonesia Member to Avoid Being Lonely at the Top

EGN Indonesia
In-person peer group meeting

Society thrives with interaction, whether it covers the professional or personal spectrums.

Think about it – working hard to reach your goals take determination, motivation as well as consistency. What about assistance? Some factors to get your ideas to transform into reality also requires interaction. You can share methods of execution, inputs to further elevate your ideas, access, and so much more to gain from interactions. After all, as children, we were taught that “sharing is caring”.

So, you’ve accomplished your dreams. You’re finally one of the skilful, well-experienced members of the company, or your own, with your name filling a top management position. You’re ecstatic. Yet comes along the sense of being lonely, whether you’d like to admit it or not.

A recent study by Harvard Business Review revealed that 50 percent of CEOs have reported feeling a sense of loneliness and 61 percent of them felt that the condition holds them back from delivering their best at work. Do these sound familiar?

There’s a platform to disassociate yourself from that narrative. It’s called Executives’ Global Network, also often known as EGN; a peer-based network of executive members to share work-related challenges, gain perspectives, and exchange expertise.

At least 20 confidential peer groups with more than 600 senior executives and business owners are at the Singapore office. EGN then has expanded to Indonesia as of 2021, marking as the second-largest peer network in the world and the first-ever to open in Indonesia. The country is no exception to benefiting from a peer network as being the largest growing economy in Southeast Asia.

EGN Indonesia
Nick Jonsson and Dona Amelia.

EGN Indonesia is led by Dona Amelia as Co-Founder and Managing Director. She expressed new members in the country, both Indonesians and expatriates, are more than welcome to join from 10th March 2022. “The first peer group session for executive leaderships was held on 24th May and for business owners or SMEs were on 25th at Fairmont Hotel, Senayan, Jakarta. These first sessions were by invitation only for the existing members,” Amelia added.

A confidential peer group is a new concept for Indonesia. In short, a confidential peer group is a safe space for business leaders – of all sorts of backgrounds, experiences, and expertise – to discuss their work-related challenges, strategies, and knowledge as well as to foster critical thinking, collaboration, and accountability. Envision it as a private advisory board or an extension of your management team.

Business leaders gain access to a trusted forum,” said Amelia. The Indonesian artist and musician who has now plunged into the world of entrepreneurship also shared that EGN’s presence in the market may reshape and cultivate a growth mindset. From “knowing-it-all” and always competing against each other to being more open-minded to new perspectives within their workplace and sharing amongst their peers, a better growth culture in the organisation exists.

With EGN, the opportunity to connect with other markets and industry leaders, learn beyond normal environments, and strengthen leadership systems are attainable. Peer network helps leaders get the boosts they need to make a difference, offer unique value, serve others, and have a greater impact on their organisation. “This definitely coincides with EGN’s long-standing motto, ‘making each other better,” said Jonsson, who’s also the author of the book Executive Loneliness.

Perhaps senior executives, similar to yourself, realise the need for a same-level sparring partner. Leadership is always a learning process. Being willing to seek, educate, and comprehend expert opinions to discuss possible solutions don’t show weakness – instead, you’re a leader who’s willing to grow, therefore, enhancing the organisation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven unexpected challenges will hinder plans while also encouraging organisations to adapt and pivot through times of crisis. One major adaptation factor is digital transformation. Regulations made by countries worldwide restrict movements at the office, entertainment hubs, airports, schools, etc. – even to the point of limited time to eat at a restaurant! Immense changes are evident in consumer behaviour, human interaction, and adaptation to work culture.

“Leaders are considered effective if they can navigate through a global crisis in parallel with maintaining day-to-day operations. The urgency to meet digital transformation goals has forced countless organisations to accelerate the adaptation,” revealed Yohanes Jeffry Johary, CEO of ATALIAN Global Services Indonesia in a virtual panel discussion hosted by EGN.

According to a recent forecast by International Data Corporation (IDC), global spending on the digital transformation of business practices, products and organisations will reach up to US$2.8 trillion in 2025 with an annual growth rate of 16.4 percent over 2021-2025. Organisations are nowadays pursuing a holistic digital strategy for people, processes, technology, data, and governance. Making decisions amidst the rapid digital transformation trend brings a new level of pressure and challenges for business leaders, resulting in the urgent need for knowledge exchange and the latest insights from various industries and experts.

In other words, EGN encourages business leaders to learn the latest trends, the best practices, and not reinvent the wheel. EGN members can experience an ever-growing community. Every year, six in-person peer group meetings, 12 in-person cross-functional events, 24 virtual cross-functional meetings, and four networking events are featured. Moreover, each peer group is assembled by EGN’s experienced networking consultants to ensure that they match the members’ level and professional discipline.

Members can also benefit from the Member’s Universe, an online community of more than 14,000 members coming from different parts of the world. It features a global query function, in-app messaging, virtual EGN groups, regional events and global webinars as well as other valuable learning tools, articles, member best practices and more.

“We forbid selling activities in any of our sessions. It is purely knowledge sharing and collaborating. However, due to the trust amongst our members, a business may happen between them as appropriate,” explained Amelia.

Founded in 1992, EGN began with the belief that all professionals carry with them a wealth of information and knowledge. What started as one man’s vision is today a global network of more than 14,000 members, representing more than 8,000 companies and 70 professions, operating in 14 countries. EGN is a trusted worldwide network of peers with a shared ambition of making each other better – every day, in every way.

“It can be lonely at the top,” an expression often heard and endured by business leaders. EGN supports them to be no longer on their own as they can now draw on the experience of others in their group and learn from peers working for similar-sized companies with similar scales, challenges, and problems.

Nick Jonsson, Co-Founder and Managing Director of EGN Singapore, stated that “Senior executives are suffering and falling off the radar. However, due to demanding expectations, they don’t have the platform to talk about it.

Based on a survey in 2019, EGN Singapore discovered that 30 percent of senior executives were suffering from executive loneliness. That’s a double increase from data in December 2020 of 59 percent due to the sense of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Become an EGN member now or for more information by contacting [email protected].

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