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350kg Woman Asks Indonesian Government for help to Lose Weight

A 37-year-old woman from Palangkaraya City in Central Kalimantan has made headlines after asking the government for assistance to help tackle her obesity.

Titi Wati, who weighs 350 kilograms, is now bound to her bed. Her weight has increased dramatically in the last seven years and she now has difficulty moving around.

Wati, who is considered the heaviest woman in the province, has tried multiple ways to lose weight such as drinking herbal weight loss drinks. This worked for a while, however, she cannot afford it any longer.

“After I stopped buying the slimming herbal drink, my eating and drinking habits went out of control. My weight was 167 kg at the time, but now I weigh more than 350 kg,” Wati said, as quoted by Detik.

Her pleas were luckily heard and the local administration has agreed to help. However, hospitals in Palangkaraya do not have the capacity or resources to help her.

Wati’s condition requires a team of experts and equipment that hospitals in the area do not have.

That being said, Dr Suyuti Syamsul, the head of Palangkaraya’s Health Agency, has ensured that she will get Wati to a hospital as soon as possible.

Source: Jakarta Post,Coconuts


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