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MRI 3 Tesla, Bintaro Premier Hospital’s Commitment to Improve Health Services

MRI 3 Tesla, Bintaro Premier Hospital's Commitment to Improve Health Services
MRI 3 Tesla, Bintaro Premier Hospital's Commitment to Improve Health Services

Premier Bintaro Hospital, which is almost entering its golden age, is always committed to providing the best and superior service for patients.

To realise this commitment, from time to time, the Radiology Unit of Premier Bintaro Hospital is always equipped with the latest technology to establish a more accurate diagnosis and better clinical management of patients.

The types of radiology services at Premier Bintaro Hospital are very complete. The latest and most advanced technology owned by Premier Bintaro Hospital is magnetic resonance imaging or MRI 3 Tesla, which is equipped with artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence and deep learning) to help patients get quality medical services.

The Future of Technology

The MRI technology with artificial intelligence is the future of technology, which is currently being provided by Premier Bintaro Hospital. The MRI 3 Tesla processing algorithm owned by Premier Bintaro Hospital is currently made to resemble and work like a human neural network: it has been taught to analyse and process 200,000 case studies, which is known as deep learning.

Using MRI 3 Tesla for Various Examinations

This technology can be applied to all organs that want to be examined, including the spine, organs in the abdominal cavity, muscles and joints, heart, brain, and can even be applied to the condition of pregnant women who require an MRI examination to check the condition of the fetus they are carrying.

This is useful to help patients and doctors find out in high detail about the condition of the organ being examined and so that the resulting diagnosis becomes accurate and convincing, as well as benefitting patients because MRI examinations can be done very quickly, such as in stroke patients it can be completed within a short period.

Advantages of MRI 3 Tesla
  • The diameter of the gantry is 70 cm, where previously it was only 60 cm, so that patients will be much more comfortable and not afraid to enter the examination hall
  • Examination speed is 40-60 percent faster than conventional MRI examinations with very high detail and image quality
  • Equipped with complete software so that it can serve various types of MRI that previously could not be done
  • To increase patient comfort while increasing the success of the examination, MRI at Premier Bintaro Hospital is equipped with an in-bore cinema with a choice of many films or shows that can be watched while the patient is undergoing an MRI examination.

By doing an MRI examination at Premier Bintaro Hospital, we will always pay attention to your safety and comfort, because it is a shared priority at Premier Bintaro Hospital,” expressed Dr Riris Himawati, Sp. Rad.

MRI 3 Tesla Not Only Used for Routine Examinations

In addition to routine MRI examinations, examinations that can be performed with this MRI 3 Tesla technology include:

  • All routine examinations of the brain, spine, abdominal organs, muscles and joints, can be done more easily
  • MRI examination of the brain with acoustic noise that is only three decibels above the noise in the MRI room, so that the patient becomes more comfortable
  • Examination to assess the flow of blood vessels in the “stent” placed in the brain
  • Analysis of flow in patients with hydrocephalus
  • Perform bone imaging, especially for patients who are more concerned about the dangers of radiation, such as pediatric patients
MRI 3 Tesla
MRI 3 Tesla
The MRI Examination Flow

All radiological examinations must have a referral from a doctor, including MRI. For routine MRI examinations, there is no special preparation, but for MRI examinations with contrast injection, there are preparations that must be made by patients such as checking Creatinine and GFR, as well as fasting four to five hours before the examination. The average routine MRI examination is 15 to 18 minutes but could be faster. Specifically for stroke cases, it only takes five minutes so that patient management and treatment can be provided faster and better with the quality of the resulting image being very detailed and informative.

MRI Examination Made Easier

Several MRI examinations were previously difficult for patients to perform, but with the MRI 3 Tesla, it has become very convenient and comfortable for patients. In spine (orthopedic) patients with scoliosis and/or with posterior fixation, where the patient is uncomfortable with sleeping on his back, an MRI of the spine can be performed in which the patient sleeps in any position as comfortable as possible. With AIR coil technology owned by Premier Bintaro Hospital, examinations can easily be completed, diagnoses can be made, and patient management can be better planned.

Advantages of Performing an MRI Examination at Premier Bintaro Hospital

There are many other advantages related to the latest technology in Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and AIR coil which prioritises higher and quality service to patients. With its very helpful AIR coil technology, many patients are benefited, such as the spine case in kyphosis patients where the AIR coil technology provides a comfortable patient position during the examination. Patients can sleep as comfortably due to the high flexibility of the AIR coil. The screening of films or shows according to the patient’s wishes reduces anxiety or fear, especially when a patient had just entered the MRI room.

Dr Raditya Utomo, SpRad(K)RI also added, “The statement ‘when everything is possible, we can do it”, is a common practice. But when others can’t, Premier Bintaro Hospital can, that’s what motivates us.”

Premier Bintaro Hospital Service Excellence

Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care Indonesia is part of Ramsay Health Care, an Australian-based healthcare group with more than 460 hospitals and clinics spread across Australia, Asia and Europe.

Premier Bintaro Hospital is part of Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care Indonesia which was established on 12th October 1998 and has excellent services including an Orthopedic Centre, Spine Centre, Sports Clinic, Skin & Laser Clinic, Vascular Center, and Stroke Center.

Premier Bintaro Hospital has been accredited on a national scale by KARS with plenary status, and on an international scale by JCI and HICMR. The “People Caring for People” philosophy reflects a commitment to continuous quality improvement – ​​the responsibility to provide international standard services, as well as to develop human resources consistently.

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