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Soto Ayam One of World’s Best Soups

Soto Ayam
Soto Ayam One of World?s Best Soups

Soto Ayam or chicken soup is a well-known and much-loved Indonesian delicacy and has been included in CNN’s list of the 20 best soups in the world.

Soup is made from broth, created by boiling ingredients together. A bowl of soup generally includes cuts of either chicken, beef, fish, vegetables or nuts.

The author of “Soup: Global History”, Janet Clarkson, said that every culture has its own type of soup.

“Soup has very ancient roots. People in those days boiled everything from virgin turtle shell to bamboo in soup,” Clarkson wrote.

A long time ago, a boiled dish allowed humans to survive. Nowadays, soup is often the food of choice during cold weather because it is thought helpful to you up when cold.

“I think that in every country in the world, historically, some soups have been viewed as restorative for the body,” Clarkson said.

Clarkson has studied the etymological soup for a long time. However, in simple terms, Clarkson defines soup as a dish cooked in water that gives off an aroma as an essential part of the dish.

According to CNN’s list of the 20 best soups in the world, soto ayam is a popular and exciting Indonesian dish.

“Spices such as turmeric, fennel, cinnamon, lemongrass, and lime leaves combine to create a very layered aroma and flavour, with the addition of boiled egg chunks for added richness,” wrote CNN.

CNN also noted that soto ayam was popular in Singapore, Malaysia, and Suriname. The recipe for soto ayam was brought along with the arrival of immigrants from Java.

Soto ayam will be more delicious if served with fried onions, fresh lime, and sliced ??chillies.

Here’s the list of the 20 best soups in the world, according to CNN:

  1. Banga – Nigeria
  2. Pho Bo – Vietnamese
  3. Borscht – Ukraine
  4. Bouillabaisse – France
  5. Caldo verde – Portugal
  6. Chorba frik – Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia
  7. Chupe de camerones – Peru
  8. Gazpacho – Spain
  9. Peanut soup – West Africa
  10. Gumbo – United States
  11. Harira – Morocco
  12. Kharcho – Georgia
  13. Lanzhou beef soup – China
  14. Mohinga – Myanmar
  15. Menudo – Mexico
  16. Moqueca de camarao – Brazil
  17. Soto ayam – Indonesia
  18. Tom yum goong – Thailand
  19. Tonkotsu Ramen – Japan
  20. Yayla corbasi – Turkey

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