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Transitional PSBB Ends Today, Three Options Lie Ahead

Transitional PSBB Ends Today, Three Options Lie Ahead

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is holding a meeting to discuss ending the transitional large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) today.

Deputy Governor of DKI Ahmad Riza Patria (Ariza) said that there are three options that will be discussed to decide the status of social restrictions in the capital.

The first option, he said, is if the results of the evaluation state that the community has complied with health protocols, Jakarta will enter a healthy, safe, and productive stage.

“If, on the other hand, the numbers are very bad, then we will do an emergency break and return to the initial PSBB period, as it was before the transition,” he said.

Meanwhile, the third option is, if the results of the evaluation show that the community discipline rate is still between the first and second options, an extension of the transitional PSBB will be continued.

Furthermore, Ariza said he was grateful because currently, the number of deaths of DKI Jakarta residents due to coronavirus is smaller than the national figure.  “We are very grateful that, even though the mortality rate in DKI Jakarta is small, it is far from the national death rate, so it is 3.6 percent while the national figure is much higher,” he said.

The transitional PSBB ends today, 13th August 2020. The transitional PSBB itself has been extended three times, with the potential for further extensions from the DKI Provincial Government.

“The governor will announce it later,” said Ariza.

Currently, four areas in DKI Jakarta have red zone status, namely West Jakarta, East Jakarta, Central Jakarta, and North Jakarta. Meanwhile, two other areas, namely South Jakarta and the Thousand Islands, have orange zone status. This is based on data on the site as of 2nd August 2020.

Source: Detik News


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