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PPKM Extended to 6th September

ppkm September
PPKM Levels 1-4 extended to 6th September

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has announced that PPKM both inside and away from Java and Bali is extended from 31st August to 6th September 2021.

“Thank God for the hard work of all parties in the past week. There has been an improving trend of COVID-19 in the country,” said the president on the Presidential Secretariat YouTube channel on Monday 30th August.

Based on data from the last seven days, Jokowi said the COVID-19 positivity rate has continued to decline and the bed occupancy rates (BOR) are getting better with numbers presenting around 27 percent.

The president claimed that areas inside and outside of Java and Bali are showing good developments. Two more regions in Java, namely Greater Malang and Greater Solo, have entered PPKM level 3.

“Areas that enter level 3 in this week’s implementation are the agglomerations of Jabodetabek, Greater Bandung, Greater Surabaya, Greater Malang, and Greater Solo.

As for Greater Semarang, it has managed to get down to level 2,” explained Jokowi.

In detail, Jokowi stated that areas in Java and Bali in level 4 is down from 51 districts and cities to 25 districts and cities, level 3 has gone from covering 67 districts and cities to covering 76 districts and cities, and level 2 did apply to 10 districts and cities and now applies to 27 districts and cities.

Meanwhile, areas outside of Java and Bali in level 4 has changed from seven provinces and 104 districts and cities to 85 districts and cities. Level 3 has changed slightly, from 234 districts and cities to 232 districts and cities, level 2 was covering 48 districts and cities and now covers 68 districts and cities, and there is one place now under level 1 restrictions.

The evaluation results also show that the implementation of health protocols in several sectors has shown good results. For this reason, the government has again implemented several adjustments which will be explained in more detail by the relevant ministries.

“Nevertheless, we all must remain cautious in responding to this trend of improvement,” said Jokowi.

SOURCE: Presidential Secretariat YouTube

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