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New Capital to be Significantly Larger than Jakarta

New capital

Indonesia’s new capital city in East Kalimantan will be nearly three times larger than the area of Jakarta’s land coverage. The new capital will reportedly be built over an area of 180,000 hectares.

“The 180,000-hectare land area is a combination of Kutai Kartanegara and North Penajam Paser,” Budi Situmorang, National Land Agency (BPN) Director General of Control, Spatial Use, and Land Tenure stated.

Meanwhile, Jakarta lies over around 66,000 hectares. According to Budi, not all of the available land in the new capital city will be used to construct office buildings, housing, and commercial space. According to the new spatial plan, 30 per cent (54,000 hectares) will be used primarily as open, green spaces (RTH) while 20 per cent of the area will be transformed into public facilities.

In East Kalimantan, 90 per cent of the land area is are government-owned with only 10 per cent either privately owned or managed by the public. It is predicted that the construction of Indonesia’s new capital city will cost Rp466trillion, with 19 per cent of funding coming from the state budget (APBN).

Source: Tempo
Image: Wikipedia

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