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Jokowi Concerned for Returning Indonesian Migrants

President Jokowi

President Joko Widodo is looking at the returning Indonesian citizens coming from Malaysia, anticipating that they may bring more cases of COVID-19 into the country. He is monitoring the estimated three thousand Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) from Malaysia who are returning to Indonesia every day.

“The flow of returning Indonesian citizens from several countries, especially from Malaysia; we really need to pay attention because this involves potentially millions of Indonesian citizens who will return home. I have received reports these past few days, every day there are approximately 3,000 migrant workers who are returning from Malaysia,” said Jokowi.

Furthermore, Brawijaya University in Malang is providing transportation facilities according to health protocols following the request from the Malaysian Embassy to repatriate their students. The university is providing a bus to take students to Juanda Airport. Upon their return, the students’ health will be monitored by their lecturers.

The total number of Malaysian students who have been totals 48 people. UB’s Malaysian students are being encouraged to study online. A recent letter from the Chancellor has confirmed that online classes will be extended until the end id semester, in June-July 2020.

The repatriation process is being done gradually, with an initial batch of 23 students returning home on 29th March, with the rest leaving the following day.

Jokowi also anticipates the return of Indonesian crew of ships (ABK). It is estimated that there are 10-11,000 ABK from Indonesia abroad. Jokowi said health protocols at airports, ports, or cross country border posts (PLBN) must remain strict, and those who are not showing symptoms will be placed under supervision.

Source: Detik & CNN Indonesia

Image: Detik

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