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Wedding Ceremony of President’s Daughter Continues Despite Planned Attack by Militant Extremist

The wedding of President Joko Widodo’s only daughter Kahiyang Ayu has proceeded as planned despite a planned attack on the ceremony, which has been foiled by the police.

With thousands of invited guests in attendance, many of whom are important political figures and foreign ambassadors, the wedding of Indonesia’s first daughter was always considered a high-profile event. The wedding ceremony, held in Solo on Wednesday, attracted national media attention with the country’s citizens enthralled by the extravagant televised images.   

Police vigilance paid off and enabled them to catch and arrest a suspected Muslim militant who had planned an attack on the wedding reception. “He planned to launch an amaliyah (attack) at the Myanmar Embassy in Jakarta and at the wedding ceremony of President Jokowi’s daughter,” Jakarta Police spokesman Raden Argo Yuwono said, as quoted by South China Morning Post.

The police identified the suspect as 25-year-old Rizky Anggara Putra and managed to arrest him after raiding his rented house in Bekasi and ultimately foiling the attack on the royal wedding.

The wedding itself was befitting for a king, with Ayu and groom Bobby arriving in separate gold-decorated chariots surrounded by presidential bodyguards in black suits, red ties and sunglasses. However, some parts of the wedding have been kept modest, best epitomized by the rickshaws that were hired to carry some of the guests to the location. President Widodo also chose to hold the ceremony at Graha Saba Buana Hall, a property he owns, with catering services provided by his son’s company.

The wedding ceremony also showcased Indonesia’s cultural diversity by featuring a parade in which people wearing ethnic costumes from all parts of the diverse country. The president and his family were dressed in traditional Javanese formal wear.

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