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Issuing a Second Home Visa at Bali Airport

Second Home Visa
Issuing a Second Home Visa at Bali Airport

Foreigners can collect their second home visa at a number of international airports, including at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali.

Head of the Regional Office of the Bali Law and Human Rights Ministry Anggiat Napitupulu explained the mechanism for the issuance of second home visas at Bali’s airport. This visa will later be issued by the TPI Ngurah Rai Immigration Office.

They don’t need to go to the office anymore to issue a residence permit,” said Napitupulu, speaking after the Immigration Service Day ceremony at the Immigration Office Class I TPI Denpasar on Thursday 26th January 2023. 

Foreigners can register as second-home visa holders through the system either while in the country or with a registered guarantor when out of the country.

If the second home visa application is granted, the visa will be sent electronically in the form of an email. Tourists also get barcodes through the electronic system.

After the application for a second home visa is approved, the applicant can come to Bali. When they arrive at Ngurah Rai Airport, they will be asked to show the second home visa barcode at the Immigration counter to be scanned and read by the system.

“The QR code will be read by the officer by linking whether the foreigner has been recorded in the QR code system. The identity will be announced until the validity period of the second home visa and other requirements are too,” he added. 

No more than 90 days later, they will need to return to the immigration office to prove their obligations. If within 90 days the obligations are ignored, it means the person has to leave Indonesia.”

The officer will place a sticker on the foreigner’s passport as a second home visa holder. The applicant must then attend the immigration office to prove the obligation to own a minimum of Rp2 billion in a state-owned bank or to own a luxury property.

Meanwhile, Napitupulu said that so far there has been no application for a second home visa for Bali. Because of this, no foreigner has issued a second home visa at Ngurah Rai Airport yet.

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