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Indonesia Records 90 per cent Growth in Digital Economy, Highest in ASEAN

Indonesia has the highest growth of digital economy in ASEAN

Indonesia has recorded a 90 per cent growth in its digital economy in 2015-2017, the highest among ASEAN member countries.

Hari Sentosa Sungkari, Deputy of Infrastructure of the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) said, “During 2015-2017, the growth of Indonesia’s digital economy has almost reached 90 percent.”

E-commerce transactions were found to have reached US$8million in 2017. US$5million was made through online stores such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia and others. The transactions were mostly carried out by creative industries and small to medium scale businesses.

It was also found that most of the small firms were led by women. Sungkari largely attributed this to the women selling handicrafts and snacks online hailing from different parts of Indonesia, such as Magelang, Salatiga and Bengkulu.

Source: Tempo
Image: Livemint

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