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English Man Spends Days in a Well after Dog Chase

English Man Spends Days in a Well after Dog Chase

An English man has been chased by a dog and ended up falling into a 4-metre deep well around Jalan Belimbingsari, Banjar Tampias, Pecatu in Bali.

The victim was saved by Bali’s National Search and Rescue Agency team.

Head of Denpasar’s Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas Bali) Gede Darmada, S.E., M.AP. identified the victim as Roberts Jacob Matthew, 29, from England, UK.

After arriving at the scene, the officer found the victim inside the well. Next, Basarnas officers carried out an evacuation whilst wearing complete personal protective equipment (PPE).

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, we really had to use the full PPE, especially for personnel who had direct contact with victims,” Darmada said. He also noted that the location of the incident was not too far from the Bali Basarnas office, more or less within 15 minutes.

“Upon arrival at the location, the team conducted field observations to make an evacuation plan, because it was estimated that the foreigner was injured,” Darmada explained.

At least three personnel descended the shaft using stairs. Then, the victim was lifted using a stretcher. “In the evacuation process, there was special treatment for the victim who was suspected to have suffered injuries, so you cannot just bring victims to a stretcher,” he said.

The evacuation process involved the South Kuta Sector Police, the Bhayangkara Trustees of Community Security and Order (Babinkamtibmas) at Pecatu village, as well as the local community. After successfully evacuating the victim in a safe condition, he was taken to BIMC Nusa Dua Hospital using the KBS ambulance in Pecatu village.

“From the testimony of the victim, he fell because of being chased by a dog on location,” Darmada said.

Meanwhile, the South Kuta Police Chief AKP Yusak Agustinus Sooai explained that the victim had been in the well for six days without eating and drinking.

“He claimed to have fallen into the well six days ago. When he fell, he had called for help, but no one had heard,” said AKP Yusak. The location of the well is far from crowded areas, meaning that local residents were unaware there was a person in the well, which is allegedly not used by the residents.

Source: Berita Bali & Bali Express

Image: Jawa Pos

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