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Depok City Administration to Reward Residents for Capturing Criminals

Depok City

The prevalence of robberies and criminal acts in Depok city has led the Depok Jaya administrative office to start rewarding residents who record and report criminal activities.

A crime-catching competition will be held for residents of Pancoran Mas, Depok.

Security personnel of community unit (RW) 03, Syarifuddin, stated that a prize of Rp500,000 (US$35.24) will be rewarded to those who report criminal activities to the residents of the village.

“We have had enough, this area always witnesses robberies here and there,” Syarifuddin said. He further added that criminal activities occur about every week in the area. The crimes range from street robberies to house invasions. However, the prize money will only be rewarded to those who successfully report a crime with strong evidence.

Residents have denied any claims of distrust towards the authorities or the police; they simply wish to ease and assist the police in catching criminals. The money had also been collected by the local residents.

Source: Tempo
Image: Tempo

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