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Convicted: Three Indonesians Funding Terrorism in Singapore


Three Indonesians have been sentenced for violating the Terrorism (Suppression of Financing) Act in Singapore. The initials of the suspects are RH, TM, and AA.

RH and TM have respectively raised and transferred SG$140 and SG$1,216.73 to a so-called charity institute in Indonesia which is accused of supporting terrorism. Meanwhile, AA transferred SG$130 to two such institutes in Indonesia.
The court sentenced RH and TM to 18 months and 48 months imprisonment, respectively, on 12th February 2020, whilst AA was handed a 24-month prison sentence on 5th March 2020. Both RH and TM accepted the verdict, meanwhile AA still has 14 days to accept the verdict or to appeal to a higher court.
“During a court hearing, the three Indonesian citizens pleaded guilty to transferring a sum of money to finance an outlawed organisation accused of being related to terrorism activity,” stated the Chief of the Information, Social, and Cultural Function of the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, Ratna Lestari.
Since the three Indonesians were arrested at the end of 2019, the Indonesian embassy has been paying consular visits to ensure that they were in good health and kept in contact with their families.
During the court session, the embassy also accompanied and provided them with legal aid, including lawyers, to ensure that they received fair treatment and had access to their rights.

Source: Antaranews
Image: DREA Singapore

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