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BMKG: Drought will Occur in Jakarta, Banten until Late September 2019

Drought threatens Banten and Jakarta

According to the Climatological, Geophysical and Meteorological Agency (BMKG), drought is going to set in around Banten and Jakarta.

This is down to the aftermath of the dry season which has been occurring in both areas since last month.

“The day-to-day data update until 20th August showed that most of Jakarta and Banten have experienced dry days for 20 to 60 days,” South Tangerang Climatology Station chief Sukasno stated.

Rainfall in Jakarta and Banten was recorded to be at a very low rate, at just 20 mm for ten days in a row. The drought will possibly lead to a lack of availability of groundwater. Dry season is also expected to make air pollution worse in Jakarta. “It will also have an impact on rainfed, agricultural farms in Banten and Jakarta,” Sukasno said.

The drought is expected to take place in most areas of Jakarta, except for the Thousand Islands. Meanwhile, areas of Banten expected to experience drought include Lebak, Pandeglang, Serang, and Tangerang. The drought is expected to last until late September 2019.

Source: Kompas
Image: Beritagar

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