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Australian Instagrammer Arrested for Carrying Drugs in Bali Speaks Out

Ann Lyla Hunter

Australian tourist Tori Ann Lyla Hunter, 25, has spoken about her ‘horrifying’ experience in Bali, after officers claimed to have found ‘drugs’ inside her suitcase on 6th August 2019.

Hunter said that they were merely prescription drugs. However, she was stopped by customs officers, strip-searched, and held for further questioning before she was finally put behind bars. She was detained for four days in a Balinese jail.

Hunter, an Adelaide based social media influencer with 120,000 Instagram followers, explained how she was ‘treated like a dog’. Authorities also asked for nearly $40,000 from her for bringing in prescription medication.

“Instead they extorted me for $39,482. They targeted me because of my social media status as a model and influencer,” she claimed. Hunter added that she also had a doctor’s note which stated that the drugs were prescribed to treat her anxiety and ADHD. However, she claimed that she had carried a lot more than required for the six-day trip.

“It’s not as if I’m Schapelle Corby or anything, it was prescription medication. They treated me like a dog,” the influencer added. According to Hunter, the medication included dexamphetamine and valium.

Meanwhile, Hunter’s grandfather, Kevin, contacted the Australian consulate and eventually a lawyer who demanded US$25,000 (A$47,000) for legal fees to have his granddaughter released. Kevin had been instructed to send the amount for Tori’s immediate release and stop her from serving a 5 year jail term. Kevin also claimed that he had been instructed to not go to the media and keep it to himself.

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Image: Wolipop

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