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How Many Bali Island School’s Students Does It Take To Change The Science World?

Bali Island School's Students
Seo-Yeon Bang and Se Bin An

BIS students won medals from vigorous worldwide maths and science competitions. 

While Bali Island School (BIS) temporarily resorts back to online learning in accordance with government regulations, the spirit of competition keeps shining bright amongst BIS students as they continue to join esteemed competitions online all over the world.

Simin Kim in Grade 11 won a silver medal in The Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad (SEAMO 2021) in the Regional Round and a bronze medal in SEAMO X 2022 (Final Global Round). Known as a unique assessment platform, SEAMO has helped more than 50,000 students across 15 countries achieve Global Recognition in the field of mathematics since 2016, making it the most highly acclaimed maths olympiad competition in the region.

As if SEAMO was not challenging enough, Simin also participated in the British Physics Olympiad Competition, a charitable trust overseen by a committee of trustees and run by physics teachers and academics from across the country. At the British Physics Olympiad Competition, he received a Gold award with his submission and scored higher than the top 18% of the approximately 5,000 students that took part in the competition worldwide.

Meanwhile, MYP students, Seo-Yeon Bang (Grade 7) and Se Bin An (Grade 8) participated in the Dyatmika Science Fair that was held virtually last Saturday, February 5, with the theme “Investigating Solutions to Local Community Problems in the Transition to a Better World’”.

Bali Island School's StudentsThe BIS scientist duo won 3rd place with their investigative experiment “The Effect of Amount of Shampoo Used on Cleaning Dirt.” Their experiment focuses on finding out if the mass of shampoo used makes a significant difference in cleaning dirt so that they can eventually find a system to preserve the local environment by reducing the mass of shampoo usage.

“I am proud of the achievements from our students. Their achievements are a reflection of how resilient they are despite the challenging situation, and how they are always looking for ways to make the future a better place for the world.” says Garth Wyncoll-Head of School.

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