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2 Crucial Tips to Help You Write In a First-Person Narrative

2 Crucial Tips to Help You Write In a First-Person Narrative

Whenever you start writing a story, one of the first things you need to do is set a point of view. Your content is going to be taking readers on a journey, and you need to decide how they perceive it.

Most writers either write in first or third person narratives for stories and novels. Although the second person narration is not conventional for this type of writing, you can use it.

If you are thinking about writing for sites like The Doe, then the first person would be the ideal choice. Also, here are two tips to help you write better.

Stick to A Tense

When writing in the first-person, there are generally two options. You need to figure out whether to go with the past or present tense.

The past tense is mostly used by writers that narrate a series of events that have happened in the past, making it an excellent way of telling a story.

On the other hand, the present tense is for fast-paced stories, such as fiction for a younger audience. That is because it generates a sense of urgency in the story.

Give Your Character Some Personality

The readers don’t want to hear from you, the author. But instead, they want to listen to the story from the main character.

That is why your character needs to have a personality and voice of their own. It helps the readers connect with your character.

You can do this by inserting emotions, using specific types of language, and showing that the character has a unique worldview.

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