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Home Affairs Ministry Tests Digital e-KTP with QR Code

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The Home Affairs Ministry is conducting a trial to issue electronic ID cards (e-KTPs) in digital form including a QR Code.

The Director-General of Population and Civil Registration at the Home Affairs Ministry, Zudan Arif Fakrullah, said residents would receive e-KTPs in digital form on their mobile phones.

He explained that in 2021, trials had been carried out in 50 districts and cities in Indonesia.

“There is no longer a concept of lost e-KTP.  The e-KTP is digitized on a mobile phone and there is a QR code. If the cellphone is lost, the digital identity will also be lost. In that case, people can ask the Population and Civil Registration Agency (Dukcapil) to send the details to a new cell phone number,” he explained.

According to Fakrullah, one of the goals of digital identity documents is to simplify and speed up transactions for public or private services in digital form.

In addition, it also secures ownership of digital identities through an authentication system to prevent fraud.

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