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What to do in George Town (Penang, Malaysia)

Ever wonder where to go for a three or four day weekend whilst you’re slogging away at work in Southeast Asia? George Town, located on the island of Penang in Malaysia, may just be the perfect spot.

Not only does it have an amazing history as one of the first British settlements in the region, but it is also architecturally spectacular with brightly-coloured buildings and lovely walkways in the heart of the city. It is no wonder that UNESCO dedicated George Town as a World Heritage Site. The pure beauty and culture is on full display every day of the year.

The city is easy to get around with hop-on and hop-off bus service along with rickshaws and taxis. There are plenty of landmarks to explore as well as one of the most delicious culinary traditions, Peranakan cuisine.

Travel and food vlogger Mark Wiens shows us his top picks for George Town in his video below.

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