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Occupancy Rate of Jakarta’s COVID-19 Hospitals Hit 70

Occupancy Rate of Jakarta?s COVID-19 Hospitals Hit 70

The occupancy rate of referral hospitals in DKI Jakarta to treat COVID-19 patients has reached 70% once again.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has been consistently recommending that hospital occupancy remain below 60% for countries around the world.

The current average occupancy rates for isolation rooms in Indonesia is 73% and ICU rooms are listed as being at 70% occupancy. Based on data from hospital groups around Indonesia, isolation and ICU room capacity and occupancy rates are noted as follows:

DKI Provincial Government
  • Isolation room capacity: 1,554
  • Isolation room occupancy rate: 68%
  • ICU room capacity: 230
  • ICU room occupancy rate: 75%
The Ministry of Health
  • Isolation room capacity: 652
  • Isolation room occupancy rate: 63%
  • ICU room capacity: 165
  • ICU room occupancy rate: 75%
TNI/Polri hospitals
  • Isolation room capacity: 796
  • Isolation room occupancy rate: 73%
  • ICU room capacity: 130
  • ICU room occupancy rate: 43%
BUMN hospitals
  • Isolation room capacity: 745
  • Isolation room occupancy Rate: 73%
  • ICU room capacity: 143
  • ICU room occupancy rate: 76%
Private hospitals
  • Isolation room capacity: 2,265
  • Isolation room occupancy rate: 81%
  • ICU room capacity: 173
  • ICU room occupancy rate: 75%

The public is urged to continue improving discipline by reminding others of health protocols, taking care of themselves, and working together to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission.

The rule of the 3 Ms is being emphasised, specifically wearing a mask or memakai masker, washing hands or memcuci tangan, and social distancing or menjaga jarak. It is further recommended to limit the number of activities outside the house to essential purposes as quoted by

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