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Limited Edition Aqua Reflection Bottle 2019 Designed by Rinaldy Yunardi

Ethan Lim & Rinaldy Yunardi Launch Procession On Stage

AQUA Reflections had launched its new, limited edition 2019 bottle, designed by Indonesian couture accessories designer, Rinaldy Yunardi, at La Moda in Plaza Indonesia.

Two colours have been chosen by Rinaldy; red for still water and green for sparkling water, stored in 380ml and 750ml glass bottles and only available during this festive season.

“Since its birth in 2011, we have collaborated with some of the biggest names in fashion, lifestyle, and culinary arts to celebrate and support Indonesian talents. This year, we are delighted to present the finest goodness of nature, crowned with the exclusive design by Rinaldy Yunardi,” said Vice President of Marketing at Danone-AQUA, Ethan Lim.

Reflections Exhibition Design

The unveiling of these bottles was done by Rinaldy and Ethan. The collaboration has also extended into working for a great cause. Two minaudieres, or handmade clutches, designed by Rinaldy were auctioned off, making a total value of Rp42million. Other than that, a total sale of Rp76.8million of the Reflections Limited Edition 2019 was also completed that night. All proceeds were donated for the provision of clean water access, sanitation, and hygiene surrounding the water source with Yayasan Aspirasi Muslimah Indonesia.

Inspired by the origin story of Reflections’ single sourced water from Mount Salak, Reflections Limited Edition 2019 represents the goodness of nature crowned by the design of Rinaldy, where the crown symbolises his origin in craftsmanship. This collaboration blends Reflections’ story and Rinaldy’s art-nouveau design approach, bringing to life what the brand stands for – presenting all of nature’s best gifts wrapped in a beautiful glass bottle design that reflects a healthy lifestyle within the dynamics of a modern world.

“Water is the source of life; it holds a great and significant meaning in human life. The tiara represents me and my art, since I started out designing tiaras. I envision Reflections as a reflection of myself and I want these two elements – the finest mineral water that is imperative to human life and the tiara is an important part of my life – to marry together,” said Rinaldy.

Crowd at the event

A Reflections Design Exhibition that features a series of installations depicting the idea of excellence and the purity of Reflections as well as the collaboration with Rinaldy is available for only a week, 14-19th December 2019, in front of La Moda in Plaza Indonesia.

AQUA Reflections is the reflection of a modern individual who’s dynamic and innovative, yet also balanced out with a healthy body that shines from within. It presents all of nature’s best gifts wrapped in a beautiful bottle design that reflects a healthy lifestyle within the dynamics of a modern world. Through the talented hands of Indonesia’s designers, the AQUA premium product is packaged inside an elegant glass bottle of 380ml and 750ml for both still and sparkling varieties.

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