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Justin Bieber Jakarta Concert Tickets and Rules

Justin Bieber Jakarta Concert

Justin Bieber has confirmed a concert in Indonesia on 3rd November 2022 at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta as part of his Justice World Tour.

The layout and ticket prices for Justin Bieber’s concert in Indonesia were released on Thursday 24th March. Ticket sales will start on Tuesday 29th March at 10am Jakarta time/WIB via 

There are eight categories of tickets being sold, with prices ranging from Rp1.5-8.5 million. Based on the visual layout of the concert uploaded by the promoter, the CAT 1 category is the closest to the stage, followed by CAT 2 and CAT 3.

There is also access for wheelchair users with a special ticket allocation. Fans can contact the promoter if they need such access.

Justin Bieber Jakarta Concert

The following are the ticket prices for the Justin Bieber 2022 concert in Indonesia:

  1. CAT 5 for Rp1.5 million
  2. CAT 4 for Rp2.4 million
  3. CAT 3 for Rp3.4 million
  4. CAT 2 for Rp4.4 million
  5. CAT 1 for Rp6 million
  6. HOLD ON VIP PACKAGE for Rp5.25 million
  7. PEACHES VIP PACKAGE for Rp6.25 million
  8. GHOST VIP PACKAGE for Rp8.5 million

Sound Rhythm, in collaboration with AEG Presents and PK Entertainment, has also announced a number of rules and guidelines regarding the concert. Spectators are required to follow a number of provisions for security and safety while watching the concert. 

These include not standing during the concert, having to be free from COVID-19, and wearing a mask while watching.

“For the concert, everyone will sit down, and there will be a seating number. When you buy tickets, you will get the best seats available,” said PK Entertainment COO Harry Sudarma at a press conference held on Thursday.

The following are the rules and guidelines for the concert:

  • Online ticket purchase

Each buyer can order a maximum of eight tickets per transaction for the main category, and a maximum of four tickets for the VIP category.

After purchasing, fans will receive a form that must be filled out seven days before the event. The form relates to the audience’s personal data which will be connected to the PeduliLindungi application.

  • Seating

The promoter will provide seats for all Justice World Tour audiences, both from the festival and VIP categories.

The seat number will be obtained at the same time as the ticket purchase. When potential spectators buy tickets, they will automatically get the best available seat number.

  • Masks, vaccines, and health rules

Fans must have a COVID-19 vaccine and have the results of an antigen or PCR test 24 hours before the concert takes place. During the concert, the audience must continue to wear masks according to applicable standards.

However, the promoter also revealed that this provision could change at any time in accordance with government regulations. Changes in information will be announced through the promoter’s official social media account.

  • Refund terms

The promoter said that a refund could only be made if the concert was cancelled by them or the artist’s management. Thus, potential audiences cannot apply for a refund outside of this situation, including if they are exposed to COVID-19 before the concert.

However, the promoter is providing another option, which is to hand over the ticket to someone else, no later than seven days before the concert. This is because this is the period before filling in the personal data of potential viewers who will be connected to PeduliLindungi.

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