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Fried Indomie Ice Cream Flavour Sold in Australia

indomie ice cream

A restaurant in Australia is said to be offering ice cream products with a fried Indomie flavour.

Indomie is a well-known instant noodle brand in Indonesia. The most popular and well-known variant is Indomie Goreng, or fried Indomie, from which diverse creations can be made.

The news of the presence of fried Indomie flavoured ice cream in Australia was uncovered by journalist Max Walden on his Twitter account @maxwalden_Er, so Indomie ice cream is popular in Australia,” Walden tweeted.

Walden found the ice cream in one of the ice cream freezers. Looking at the uploaded photo, the fried Indomie flavoured ice cream was offered by a producer named Ho Jiak located in Sydney, Australia.

This flavoured ice cream is served in a 500 ml jar priced at AUS$16.80 or around Rp173,000

In addition to the description of the product name on the packaging, it also displays a picture of fried noodles.  

Looking deeper, Ho Jiak turns out to be a restaurant outlet in Australia that offers a variety of Asian food. There are dishes from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

On the Indonesian menu, this restaurant offers fried rice and fried noodles made from Indomie products.

Fried Indomie ice cream products have previously been offered by producers from Indonesia, namely by Holi Ice Cream online. It has sweet and savoury tastes and the aroma of fried onions distinguished to Indomie is strong.

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