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Foreigners Arrested in Bali During Drug Sweep

Five foreigners have been arrested for drug trafficking after being caught in Bali, authorities said Thursday, December 13. Two of the suspects, a German and Peruvian, are possibly facing execution if convicted under Indonesia’s strict drug laws.

The accused smugglers are from China, Malaysia, the UK, Germany and Peru. They were arrested separately in the last two weeks.

On Saturday December 8, Chinese national Cui Bao Lin was arrested at the airport with more than 200 ecstasy pills and over 160g of ketamine found in his bag, police said. On the same day, Malaysian Hamdi Izham Hakimi was also arrested with a bag containing nearly 15g of marijuana and 11 ecstasy pills, according to authorities.

On Thursday December 13, Bali Police arrested Peruvian Jorge Rafael Albornoz Gammara after he arrived at Ngurah Rai international airport from Dubai last week.

“Officers found 4.08kg of cocaine that he was hiding inside the interior of his luggage,” head of local immigration office Untung Basuki told a press conference Thursday.

German Frank Zeidler was later arrested at the Ngurah Rai airport after arriving from Bangkok and officers found 2.1 kilos of hashish inside his luggage – an amount that could also make it a death penalty case.

Meanwhile a British designer, who was not identified, was detained after he received a package from Thailand with some 31 grams of liquid marijuana poured into essential oil bottles.

Foreigners are regularly caught trying to bring drugs into Bali, which draws millions of visitors annually.

There are dozens of traffickers on death row in Indonesia, including a cocaine-smuggling British grandmother, an American caught with crystal methamphetamine, and several west African inmates sentenced to death for drug crimes.

Source: Channel News Asia

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

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