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Election Officers in Surabaya Wear Superhero Costumes

There is something unique at the polling place (TPS) 14 in Jeruk village in Surabaya. All of the voting organising (KPPS) officers wear superhero costumes.

Polling place 14, located in the Citraland housing complex, attracted the attention of the public, who will exercise their voting rights in the 2020 regional elections (Pilkada).

Health protocols are also being strictly enforced. Residents who are voting are subject to temperature checks and must wear a mask and wash their hands.

Two registration officers are wearing Superman costumes, both of whom are equipped with face shields and masks. There are officers providing ballot papers in ancient Roman and Batman costumes.

In the voting booth area, there’s an officer wearing a Captain America costume, carrying a shield and sword. After the residents cast their votes and submit their ballot papers, officers dressed in Spiderman costumes are ready to dip their fingers in ink as a sign that they have voted.

According to Detik News, many residents took pictures with officers after voting. In addition, the committee also prepared a special spot for taking pictures.

The chairman of Polling place 14 in Jeruk village, Dwi Sulistiawan, said that his team chose to use superhero costumes to attract the attention of citizens and encourage them to exercise their voting rights in the Surabaya regional elections.

Dwi confirmed that officers in superhero costumes made residents enthusiastic about voting.

“It’s actually good to attract people’s attention. Earlier I saw that the officers were quite enthusiastic. They also showed their efforts to prepare for the regional election,” said Livi.

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