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Anies Baswedan Recognised in 21 Heroes of 2021 by TUMI

Anies Baswedan

The Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, has been recognised as one of the 21 Heroes of 2021 by the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI).

Anies’ success in improving Jakarta’s transportation amidst the coronavirus pandemic has put his name alongside a number of world figures, including the founder of Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk.

According to TUMI, Anies’ achievements include building 63 kilometres of bicycle paths to create intermodal integration and moving to launch an electric bus as an effort to reduce air pollution in Jakarta.

“This city (Jakarta) aims to create transportation that is fair, affordable, and inclusive for all groups,” explained TUMI.

In addition, TUMI said that one of Anies’ successes in transforming the Jakarta transportation system was achieved by renovating KRL and MRT stations to be integrated with other modes of transportation.

TUMI itself is a non-profit organisation from Germany that encourages sustainable urban transportation policy initiatives around the world.

The list of world figures included in 21 Heroes of 2021 are considered to have successfully transformed transportation systems, even though the world has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

The full list of leaders in the list is:

  1. Minister for Regional Government of Brussels, Belgium – Elke Van den Brant
  2. Head of the Medellin Transportation Agency, Colombia – Carlos Gardena Caitan
  3. Lviv Public Mobility and Transport Manager, Ukraine – Adriy Bilyy
  4. Ethiopia’s Minister of Transport – Dagmawait Moges
  5. Managing Director Capital Region Urban Transport Odisha, India – Arun Bothra
  6. Founder of Space X and Tesla – Elon Musk
  7. Deputy General Manager of Shenzen Bus Corp., China – Joe Ma
  8. Traffic Engineer, Seattle, United States – Dongho Chang
  9. Head of the Mobility Service in Bogota, Colombia – Nicolas Estupian
  10. Mayor of Tirana, Albania – Erion Veliaj
  11. Head of the Roads and Parks Section at Fridrichshain Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany – Felix Weisbrich
  12. Former Executive City Advisor for Urban Planning, Traffic and Transport, Climate Protection, Energy Planning and Public Participation in Vienna, Austria – Birgit Hebein
  13. Mayor of Porto Alegres, Brazil – Nelson Marchezan Junior
  14. Mayor of Paris, France – Anne Hidalgo
  15. Mayor of Bicycles, Mexico City, Mexico – Areli Carreon
  16. Director of Transportation, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency – Jeffrey Tumlin
  17. Governor of DKI Jakarta, Indonesia – Anies Baswedan
  18. Former Mayor of Kochi, India – Zannatul Ferdous
  19. Governor of Mombasa, Kenya – Hassan Ali Joho
  20. Mayor of Singra, Bangladesh – Zannatul Ferdous
  21. Chairman of the Committee on Transport in the European Union Parliament – Karima Delli

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