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Be Active and Stay Healthy with Houbii Sports Academy

When you envision the trampoline, do you picture jumping in the backyard? According to Melvina Andini, Head of Academics at Houbii Sports Academy (HSA), that is completely different to what you will see in Houbii.

“I always hear people saying that trampolining is only for fun and just to see how high you can jump. That’s a misconception,” she said when sitting down with Indonesia Expat. Trampolining is more than just jumping. As a part of gymnastics, trampolining is a sport that requires strategy and training to fulfill the subjective scoring in competitions.

With a curriculum tailored to learners, HSA aims to help build children’s characters through sports. This academy doesn’t just teach about the fun side of trampolines, but also the safety aspects and the benefit to the child’s body. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle. Kids these days tend to sit at home and watch TV, play with their computer or tablet, and when they do go out, especially in Jakarta, they usually only go to malls. This also applies to parents or indeed any person living here, no matter what age. People don’t have a lot of space to run around and stay active here. HSA wanted to provide a place to address this situation.

To make people active and stay healthy, the trampoline can be a great option. Because trampolining uses so much energy and activates a lot of major muscles, it doesn’t take as much time to get fit as it does with a lot of other sports. It only takes ten minutes on the trampoline to burn 420 calories! It’s hard to get that rate of burn with other activities. Ten minutes on the trampoline is equivalent to a 30-minute walk on the treadmill. In our fast-paced world, people want to save as much time as possible.

Houbii is a safe indoor facility with loads of exciting activities for all ages that has a giant trampoline zone along with a wall climbing, foam pit, ninja obstacle course, and even a dedicated dodgeball arena. There are people of different nationalities in the classes at Houbii. Through these classes, Houbii aims to teach clients how to communicate in diverse groups. The classes are bilingual so they fit both foreigners and Indonesians.

Melvina Andini, Head of Academics at Houbii Sports Academy (HSA)

For 2019, HSA wants to focus on professional classes because the academy sees the potential to create new athletes for on the trampoline. HSA has good connections with Persani (Indonesian Gymnastics Association) as well as the Ministry of Sports. 2018 was the first time Indonesia competed in trampolining during the Asian Games, and HSA wants to continue to cultivate new athletes for Indonesia. At the end of last year, Houbii Sports Academy also has won 5 medals in 3rd Trampoline Singapore Invitational 2018.

Now, Houbii is preparing for the Trampoline Championship which will return on April 26 to 28 this year. “This championship is a good opportunity for our children at this academy to compete with other participants from other countries. We want to give more game time to help develop out students to be professionals,” Melvina said. There is a massive prize this year, U2019 Trampoline Championship is offering Rp120 million to the winner!

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