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Bali Mental Health Clinic Is Inaugurated to Provide Mental Health Treatment

Bali Mental Health Clinic
Bali Mental Health Clinic Is Inaugurated to Provide Mental Health Treatment. Image Source:

Mental health problems in Bali are becoming of increasing concern, with limited facilities to handle such cases. 

One of many reasons for the uplift in mental health issues in Bali is the pandemic and subsequent economic recovery. In 2024, and election year, according to Bali Mental Health Clinic (BMHC) Director Dr I Gusti Rai Tirta, it is predicted that there will be an increase in mental health problems.

“Because many legislative candidates fail to get seats, they potentially suffer mental health problems. That’s why we are trying to provide Bali Mental Health Clinic services in Denpasar,” said Tirta on Sunday, 16th April 2023.

Bali Mental Health Clinic is the first main inpatient clinic specifically for mental health services in a comprehensive manner. It offers outpatient services, inpatient care, home visits, teleconsultation, therapy for children with special needs, an emergency room, and also ambulance pickup. The existence of BMHC is a step to support government programmes in community mental health services. This clinic was founded by 19 psychiatrists along with clinic entrepreneurs.

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BMHC also conducts mental health tourism in collaboration with the International Sober House and several international addiction rehabilitation institutions in Bali. It provides detox and stabilisation services for foreign tourists who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. To support this programme, the clinic plans to cooperate with BNN (National Narcotics Board) for drug rehabilitation.

In addition, BMHC is committed to providing free initial assessments for troubled students who are referred by counsellors in schools throughout Denpasar.

BMHC will also establish social cooperation with social foundations in the field of mental health such as the Bali SoleFamily Foundation, Bali Bersama Bisa Foundation, KPSI (Indonesian Schizophrenia Care Community) Simpul Bali, the Bali bipolar community, Teman Baik community, and the Lisa Helpline.

This mental health clinic was inaugurated by the Mayor of Denpasar I Gusti Ngurah Jaya Negara. The Mayor expressed his appreciation for the BMHC soft opening.

“The existence of BMHC is very helpful in accelerating mental health treatment and is a solution for the people of Denpasar City. Of course, we welcome the presence of BMHC in handling mental health which is an alternative to mental health treatment. We can later collaborate the BMHC programme with BPJS services at Wangaya Hospital and other healthcare services, particularly in mental health,” he said.

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