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5 Holiday Shopping Trends to Look Out For This Season

Scandinavian renowned furniture and warehouse store IKEA guides us through this holiday shopping season with its latest winter collection.

Whether it is exchanging gifts during Christmas or welcoming the New Year, holiday season is an exciting moment for families to bond and create new memories. Ahead of the occasion, it is time to get down to business and start shopping. So what are the new trends to follow this season when it comes to decorating the house? IKEA has the answers.

  1. It Is All about the Lighting

One of the most attractive features you find as you walk into the room is the lighting. So if you think that your house needs a retouch without completely revamping the entire space, then playing around with lighting is the solution. Keep in mind that choosing the right lighting is about setting the atmosphere. Candles are great for creating a warm and intimate ambience; while bright pendants, floor lamps, LED lights and lighting chains are a better option to liven up the room.




  1. Get Wrapped Up in Textiles

How do you turn an ordinary dining room into the perfect seasonal feast area? Textiles have the magic to make that happen. Replace your everyday tablecloth, placemats and table runners with those that have prints and patterns on them. Also change your cushion covers and rugs in the living room into something more festive.

Another tip is to mix more and match less. Having mismatched chairs around the dining table is recommended for this season. But it might also help to set a specific theme so that everything else can go accordingly to it. If you are still looking for ideas, the winter collection has all kinds of textiles for you to get started.

  1. Fun in the Kitchen

No festivities are complete without the food. After all, food is one of the things that bring everyone together during the holidays and this season is no exception. To spice things up, make sure that you come up with not only a delicious menu, but also interesting displays. Grab your apron and baking moulds to make cookies and use colourful tins to place them before your friends and family take a bite. Do not forget to have all the utensils ready before you get yourself busy in the kitchen.




Another way to please the guests is to bake these cookies or other sweets as their homemade gifts. Write a card and place a ribbon to wrap these gifts and they will surely put a smile on your neighbours’ faces.

  1. Embrace Old Traditions

Classic is timeless. Creating a festive spirit does not necessarily mean that you must cast aside old traditions. This season is all about decorating your home with either classic winter hues or a touch of bright colours. Do not be afraid if you feel like adding your grandmother’s old dinnerware, for it might just add a vintage dimension to your celebration.




  1. Think Creative

Holiday season belongs to you and your family, so yes you are allowed to explore new ways of decorating your home. If you feel like a traditional tree is too conventional, then come up with another option that better suits your family’s taste. This is the moment when you could even create your own family traditions, so do not hesitate to innovate.




IKEA Alam Sutera provides a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at affordable prices. Come and see the IKEA winter collection and find inspiration for creating a warm, festive and friendly entertaining space this holiday season. For more information please visit


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