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Mount Sinabung Erupts Three Times

Mount Sinabung Erupts Three Times

Mount Sinabung in Karo District, North Sumatra has erupted and released a 5,000-metre high column of volcanic ash.

The head of the Sinabung Volcano Observation Post, Geological Agency, and PVMBG, Armen Putra said that Sinabung erupted at 10:16am Western Indonesia Time (WIB). The dark brown volcanic ash headed in the direction of east and southeast.

“We urge residents affected by volcanic ash to protect themselves by wearing masks. We also urge everyone to reduce activities outside the home,” said Armen.

This Sinabung eruption is the third time it’s gone off in the past three days. Previously, Sinabung erupted with a volcanic cloud as high as 2,000 metres at around 1:58am WIB on 8th August.

The volcanic ash of the Sinabung eruption was distributed across several sub-districts in Karo Regency. At around 5:18pm WIB, Sinabung erupted again, ejecting volcanic ash for approximately 1,000 metres.

“Until today, the level of seismic activity at Mount Sinabung is still increasing and there is the potential for another eruption to occur. The status of Mount Sinabung is still on Alert Level III,” emphasized Armen.

Source: Liputan 6

Image: Detik News

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