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LRT Optimistically Targeting 14,000 Daily Passengers

LRT Jakarta

PT Light Rail Transit (LRT) Jakarta is optimistic it will achieve a target of 14,000 passengers per day.

“Our rational target is based on the evaluation of public tests from 11th June to November 2019, where average passenger numbers were 7,000,” Executive Director of LRT Jakarta, Wijanarko, said on Sunday 1st December 2019.

It has been noted that during the testing period being used for passenger predictions, there were free tickets for the LRT being offered across six stations. This offer of free transport may have skewed enthusiasm for using the system.

In August 2019, according to Wijanarko, the trend of LRT users decreased, with 6,000 average users per day.

“One of the factors was the blackout incident on August 2019,” The General Manager of Operation and Service of PT LRT Jakarta, Aditya Kesuma, said.

However, from September to November 2019, the number of passengers remained stable at level of 7,400 passengers per day.

Aditya is optimistic about the target of 14,000 users because the government has integrated the passenger service facilities in Velodrome station with Transjakarta through a Skybridge in Jalan Pemuda.

“The passengers who access the integrated service between LRT and Transjakarta can travel within 50 minutes from Velodrome to Kelapa Gading,” he said. “The fee for the integrated service is Rp8,500 per person for one tap at the station and Rp5,000 for the LRT and the rest is for Transjakarta.”

Another way to achieve the target is for the government to try to push people to use public transportation by applying odd-even policy in the area of LRT stations.

Source: Antaranews

Image: Detik

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