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COVID-19 Red Zones in Jakarta Reduced

Head of the Jakarta Public Health Department (Dinkes) Fify Mulyani has now confirmed that the number of areas that were initially classed “red zones” in Jakarta had decreased to 5 RWs.

These regions are referred to as special control areas (WPK).

The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta previously stated that there were 66 RWs in the capital city designated as areas prone to the transmission of the coronavirus. These areas were labelled “red zones” and remained under tighter control during the transitional period of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB).

“That’s right – of the original 66 RWs, there are 5 RWs remaining,” said Fify.

Head of the DKI Jakarta’s Government Bureau, Premi Lasari revealed that there are still a number of neighbourhoods, known as RWs, in the capital city that have since been classified as red zones due to the presence of coronavirus.

She said that there are now a total of 27 RWs; five of which are areas that were previously included in the 66 in the first phase of strict local-scale control (PKBL) on 4-18th June 2020. An additional 22 different RWs have since been noted as being red zones.

“So later in the second phase of the PSBL on 19th June to 2nd July, there will be 27 RWs,” said Premi.

In light of the update, she appealed to all parties to work together in compliance with existing rules. If the rules are obeyed, RWs in red zones can be expected to turn into yellow and even green zones.

Although the number of designated red zones has reduced, there has been 22 new RW red zones established. Nevertheless, it’s still under discussion and has not yet been decided.

Here are the five remaining and 22 new red zones that are being proposed:

  1. RW 04 Kenari Village Office (Kelurahan), Senen Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  2. RW 04 Senen Village Office (Kelurahan), Senen Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  3. RW 01 Pegangsaan Village Office (Kelurahan), Menteng Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  4. RW 08 Kebon Sirih Village Office (Kelurahan), Menteng Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  5. RW 07 Tanah Tinggi Village Office (Kelurahan), Johar Baru Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  6. RW 02 Cempaka Putih Village Office (Kelurahan), Cempaka Putih Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  7. RW 03 Kartini Village Office (Kelurahan), Sawah Besar Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  8. RW 05 Jatipulo Village Office (Kelurahan), Palmerah Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  9. RW 07 Kota Bambu Utara Village Office (Kelurahan), Palmerah Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  10. RW 05 Kota Bambu Selatan Village Office (Kelurahan), Palmerah Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  11. RW 01 Sunter Jaya Village Office (Kelurahan), Tanjung Priok Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  12. RW 02 Sunter Jaya Village Office (Kelurahan), Tanjung Priok Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  13. RW 03 Sunter Jaya Village Office (Kelurahan), Tanjung Priok Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  14. RW 05 Sunter Jaya Village Office (Kelurahan), Tanjung Priok Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  15. RW 09 Sunter Jaya Village Office (Kelurahan), Tanjung Priok Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  16. RW 01 Jembatan Besi Village Office (Kelurahan), Tambora Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  17. RW 06 Krendang Village Office (Kelurahan), Tambora Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  18. RW 11 Angke Village Office (Kelurahan), Tambora Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  19. RW 07 Petojo Selatan Village Office (Kelurahan), Gambir Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  20. RW 15 Menteng Atas Village Office (Kelurahan), Setiabudi Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  21. RW 03 Pasar Manggis Village Office (Kelurahan), Setiabudi Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  22. RW 01 Pademangan Timur Village Office (Kelurahan), Pademangan Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  23. RW 12 Pademangan Timur Village Office (Kelurahan), Pademangan Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  24. RW 04 Pancoran Village Office (Kelurahan), Pancoran Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  25. RW 05 Kalibata Village Office (Kelurahan), Pancoran Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  26. RW 02 Kampung Melayu Village Office (Kelurahan), Jatinegara Sub-District (Kecamatan)
  27. RW 07 Bidara Cina Village Office (Kelurahan), Jatinegara Sub-District (Kecamatan)

Source: Suara and Liputan 6

Image: Kompas

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