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Help Save Lives in Bali Now – Yayasan Solemen Indonesia

Yayasan Solemen Indonesia

Yayasan Solemen Indonesia (Solemen) is an Indonesian registered non-profit charity. Their Outreach programmes benefit the poor, the “differently-abled” (difabel) the homeless and marginalised in Bali.

Established in October 2011, Solemen is one of Bali’s most trusted and visible charities with the former Governor of Bali acting as Solemen’s Guardian or Patron (pelindung).

Solemen recently launched a Food Drive campaign on the Crowd Funding site “Go Get Funding” to raise AUD$20,000 (Rp198 million) over a period of 90 days. Solemen’s goal is to alleviate increasing food shortages for the families across the island that they currently care for.

Yayasan Solemen Indonesia

Solemen cares for over 2,000 people in Bali including those suffering from acute medical conditions and mental health issues. Solemen’s outreach work makes a huge difference to the lives of Bali’s most vulnerable, seriously ill, and malnourished people who fall through the cracks, especially during this time of crisis.

According to Robert, “Many Balinese people have lost jobs, livelihoods have disappeared, and support systems are now stressed to breaking point. People are already going hungry and desperation is setting in. The poor and vulnerable suffer the most. Demand for our service is increasing and the costs of providing these services are skyrocketing”

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Solemen Indonesia’s Outreach Programmes were being supported by donations from private corporates and by partnering with small businesses and social organisations in Bali and Australia. Due to the severe impact of the current pandemic on their partners’ revenues, Solemen’s regular funding has been drastically reduced.

With more than three-quarters of the local economy linked to tourism, there is now a huge responsibility from those with the means to help to donate today. Your donations will ensure Bali’s communities are looked after, that they can eat and understand how to get through this pandemic.

Yayasan Solemen Indonesia

Donating AUD$20 (Rp200,000) buys the “Food Parcel” including two packets of tempe or tahu, 500gms garlic or chilli, one bunch of long beans, four bunches of kangkung (water spinach), one large papaya, 1kg of banana, 1kg of tomatoes, and a small bag of dried fish.

Donating AUD$40 (Rp400,000) buys the “Two Week Family Food Parcel” including 10kgs of rice, four packets of egg noodles, two litres of cooking oil, 50 tea bags, 250g of coffee, 1kg of sugar, two tins of sardines, one tray of eggs, four soap bars, one tube of toothpaste, 1kg of soap powder, one bottle of washing liquid, and 1 litre of disinfectant.

Donating AUD$60 (Rp600,000) provides nutritional milk for a malnourished child.

Solemen is looking to raise funds as quickly as possible. Anyone can contribute to the Go Get Funding campaign with any currency via Paypal.

Despite operating on a shoestring budget, Solemen’s fast-acting outreach team of volunteer doctors, nurses, therapists, nutritionists, and social workers will continue to provide effective and targeted help where it has the most impact on Bali. Help Solemen secure Bali’s future today!

Send donations to

Contact the following for more information, to volunteer or to donate:

Instagram @solemen.indonesia

WhatsApp +62 816 4701 948

Facebook @IndonesiaSoleMen


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