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Sinar Mas Land Actively Invited BSD City Citizens to Sort Garbage

Cleaning the plastic bottles

Concerned with the preservation of the environment, Sinar Mas Land along with the Buddha Tzu Chi Foundation, has held a household waste treatment event titled “Green Habbit Environmental Preservation 2.0” in the Victoria cluster in BSD City.

Sorting out used plastic bottles

This educational event, covering organic and non-organic waste, is a part of Sinar Mas Land’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. The citizens of BSD City were encouraged to conduct social actions through the exchange of non-organic waste converted to small bags, donated to the underprivileged community. Meanwhile, organic waste will be recycled into multifunctional goods such as floor cleaners and dishwasher soap.

Citizens sorting out the bottles

“We invited all citizens to help to manage waste to increase their awareness of the environment. In addition, to contribute in the effort to save the Earth, we also hope that the garbage sorting methods can at least reduce the amount of waste and become capable of generating economic value. Hopefully, similar activities will also be applied throughout the projects and clusters managed by Sinar Mas Land,” said Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Division Head Sinar Mas Land, Panji Himawan.

Citizens removing a plastic band of the bottle

To support the efforts of environmental conservation, Sinar Mas Land has planted 1,000 trees under the reforestation programme of Fort Taruna Stadium in Kelapa Dua, Tangerang. Not only that, the Green Festival has been regularly held since 2004. This activity is an effort by Sinar Mas Land in campaigning, initiating, coaching, building, and as a form of moral movement, appreciation, and promotion to all aspects of the environment.

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