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Rent or Buy a House Abroad?

Rent or buy a House
Rent or Buy a House Abroad?

If you’re moving overseas, one of the first important decisions to make is whether you will rent or buy a house in your new location.

The vast majority of first-time expats will rent, to begin with, as this offers sufficient flexibility should the move not quite work out as planned. It also allows you to get to know a region for a fixed amount of time and to then be in a more informed position in terms of specifically where in the region you would like to live long term (if the move is planned to be long term).

In some countries you may simply not be allowed to buy property straight away, leaving renting as your only option. Financially, buying a property may simply not be feasible for you at the point of moving. Perhaps you have a house back at home, and once you have settled in Jakarta, you plan to sell to finance a new house purchase. Again, in this situation, renting temporarily at least would be the answer.

Renting a house abroad

There are variety of residential property types for expats to choose from in Jakarta based on their preference and lifestyle as follows:

  1. Housing complexes/compounds. Many expats choose this type of housing for security reasons and availability of facilities, it also means the children will have more chance of being able to do outdoor activities.
  2. Townhouses. In recent years, properties have been developed with the tastes of expats in mind, which is low-maintenance housing that still retains the feel of a home. Townhouses in Indonesia share a common building/roof and the grounds and recreation/sports facilities are taken care of by the property management. Townhouses are spacious, but not palatial, so they’re easy to care for.

Buying a house abroad and the property market

If you decide to go ahead and buy property in Jakarta this brings with it a whole new set of considerations, particularly from a financial perspective. The market for buying or renting property is going to differ greatly from place to place. You will also have your own set of requirements for your new home of course. You should do as much research as you possibly can to establish your best options.

Relocation companies or estate agents can help, and if you are being relocated by your employer then there is a good chance that services such as this are being provided. If not, then you may want to consider finding a relocation expert to help you with the process.

Expat mortgage advice

It is not uncommon for expats to think that there is a shortage of lenders to match expat mortgage requirements. While it can be a complex situation and take time to get the agreement in place, there are a number of mortgage products and lenders that are specialists when it comes to helping with your borrowing requirements and circumstances. If you would like more information about purchasing real estate abroad, you might want to consider reaching out to Simon Conn, a leading overseas property and finance specialist – you can find plenty of helpful resources on their website here:

Crown Relocations Indonesia is prominent in local housing markets and is able to negotiate favourable contract terms, as well as coordinate all the formalities in securing a new home. For more information, call  +62 21 7588 2338 or visit

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