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Pros Tips for Laminate Flooring Installation

Approximately twenty years ago, when laminate flooring made an entrance into the market, most people never thought of using it.

Over the past decades, lovers of laminate flooring have had to part with large amounts of cash to make the installation a success. The guide below provides pro tips for laminate flooring installation that will help you save money before and after installation.

Before the Installation

  • Draft an Accurate Budget

Set aside adequate funds for the flooring project. You should plan your time and finances adequately for the task ahead. Account for the costs of removal and disposal of the old floor, repairs, materials, and the cost of paying additional labor.

  • Prepare the Floor

Prepare the floor of the room that you need to replace. Remove all the furniture located in the room. Proceed to check for all the faults on the floor. Seek additional help in repairing the floor and ensuring that you have a levelled floor.

  • Consider your Options

Take some time and consider whether you can follow the DIY instructions to replace the flooring. If you are unable to produce the desired results, you should seek professional help in installing the flooring.

  • Acclimate the Floorings

Do not rush into installing the laminate flooring. Purchase the laminate flooring and store them in the room you expect to laminate. Follow the instructions in the accompanying manual. Most laminate floorings are acclimated for 72hours.

During the Installation

  • Collect All the Materials You Need

As you commence the installation process, you should ensure that you have all the tools that you require. From your DIY instructions, you shall find a list of the installation items and protective gear that you need to make a successful DIY laminate flooring installation.

  • Take Accurate Measurements

The laminate flooring procedure requires accurate measurements to be successful. Use a tape measure to get the right dimensions. Proceed to use a pencil to make the marks at the point you want to cut. Use a sharp saw to cut them at the points you mark.

  • Use Underlayment, sound barriers, and vapor barriers

Before you lay the boards, you should have an underlayment installed on the floor. If you prefer, you may also add vapor barriers and soundproofs. Clean the floor before installing the first layer. Layout the layers and cut out the excessive layers.

  • Use Transitional Stripes

You shall need transitional stripes in the appropriate regions of the floor. The transitional strips come in handy when you are installing through a hallway. Try positioning the gap precisely under the door such that the transition strip makes perfect visual sense.

  • Provide Space for Expansion and Contraction

You should allow the planks adequate space for expansion and contraction. Use spacers during the placement process. To hold the laminate flooring in place, you may use sealants that expands and contracts easy. Silicone sealants provide a watertight seal around the entire perimeter.

After the Installation

  • Clean the floor

Once you are done with the placement of your laminate flooring, you should do some thorough floor cleaning. Use the recommended detergents and floor polish to give the laminate flooring its sparkling look.

  • Maintenance

Avoid gliding heavy furniture across the floor whenever you can carry them. Always keep the floor clean by removing the traces of dust and spilled content. Regular floor checkup and repair of the broken points will help the flor last much longer.

If you need to make a floor replacement, transitioning to laminate flooring is a sure path to durable floors in your home. You shall need to get a comprehensive laminate flooring guide to help you prepare for the entire process.

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