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ValueQ thrives in the Indonesian market


It has been years since the appearance of a new high technology brand in Indonesia.

As the years passing by, Indonesia has seen its tourism sector increase dramatically to such an extent that there would soon be a need for new hotels, transports, and telecommunications infrastructures.

ValueQ has been the online site with the best knowledge on how to accommodate visitors in Indonesia, who require smartphones, GPS trackers and power banks for their mobile equipment.

For most Indonesians, it has been a revolution that brought money and reputation to their country. Everyone wanted to be a part of this development movement and get on the train of the future, which passes from most places around Indonesia.

This great country with more than 100 million people population, has already formed a middle class, which can consume the goods and services provided by the telecoms and high tech sectors. 

Check this short review to take precious information about the transformation of the Indonesian market, and how ValueQ could initiate change in all aspects of economic development and growth.

Best qualities of ValueQ

ValueQ has been the company that imported high technology gadgets from China and other parts of the world. However, today it is proud to state that many of its products sold worldwide are made in Indonesia.

There are many companies, which have decided to found factories in Indonesia, due to the low working and living cost, as well as, the tempting taxation of profits.

The lack of expertise to the local population has stopped and there are now enough employees who are competent enough to create high tech products, the same way their Chinese fellows do.

Value Q has also preset a website that has global exposure. It can send goods to all parts of the world, using the most reputable courier and freight services. It has launched a live representative program to make sure that all inquiries from the customers are answered right away.

Not to mention, that it has started to accept all forms of online payments, from credit cards to PayPal and bitcoins. It has been a tremendous change for everyone led by the inspiration of ValueQ which has been a remarkable paradigm for all the other online companies in the world.

What is the situation in the developing Indonesian market?

Indonesia has always been under the shadow of the Chinese dragon. It has been said to have its economy loosened only when China decided to do so. Indonesia also has a big population, most of them are younger people that have completed the basic educational skills and have been studying in colleges and universities.

This is a great mixture for the development of the Indonesian market that shows signs of exponential growth. Most of the direct investments in Indonesia are welcome by the local government. Like ValueQ there are no taxes on profits, as long as they are reinvested back into the real economy to create new working positions for Indonesians.

The local environment in business keeps on being ideal to grow and most of the international players know it. Now Indonesia is not only the country for clothes and shoes cheap manufacturing but also the place to find high-end technology that has nothing to be jealous of from smartphones, laptops, and tablets produced in other parts of Asia.

As the conditions in Indonesian markets improve, more employees are passing to the middle class and can spend more money on these goods and services. As a result, there is a thriving Indonesian demand for these products that will spur further the development of the Indonesian economy.

Hardware and software technology gadgets in Indonesia

Everyone likes to have specialized high tech gadgets for his work or leisure time. Especially in Indonesia, there are many people studying computer science and are keen on having new and improved smartphones that have the processing power of a desktop computer, while being minimal in size.

Indonesia already has dozens of high-tech factories where the employees can get some of their products in the local currency, having also special discounts and rebates.

For many Indonesians, a substantial part of their income comes from companies like ValueQ and other high-end technology brands that have already launched an online retail shop to southeastern Asia.

It has not been hard to realize that people who are educated enough to operate a computer, would like to establish software companies and get paid for it in comparable amounts to their western world colleagues.

As the hardware manufacturing business in Indonesia becomes a bigger and more important part of the national economy, talents are going to sprout there and more development is going to come directly to the country.

Indonesia is now accepting new brains from all around the world, to create its high-tech market that could soon overpass the one of Singapore and Taiwan.


ValueQ has been the absolute paradigm for most financial analysts about how a company can thrive when the economy is going up. In Indonesia, the GDP has been constantly growing the past decade, and the local currency has stabilized its fluctuations among the major currencies in the world.

The thriving 100 million people’s economy has its benefits and the income power of these people gradually increases dramatically in size. This is a total reshaping of the Indonesian economy, switching its productive power from simple industries like clothing and shoes to high-end technology that the demand on a global basis remains strong.

If you want to be at the train of the winners, you need to follow the example of Indonesia. The lower tax rates, following the investment into the public educational system, has created a great young and educated population that can support business in high-tech companies.

For most investors, Indonesia remains the lost relic and the hot spot of investments, offering huge returns should the world economy grow with the same pattern and rates.

Make sure you follow the ValueQ way and become a thriving company in an innovative environment.

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