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Criticism Posters Against Immigration Circulate, Involving Foreigner in Mass Organisation

Criticism Posters Against Immigration Circulate, Involving Foreigner in Mass Organisation. Image Source: Radar Bali

Posters criticising immigration have gained significant attention in Bali as posters containing the name and photograph of a Russian citizen with the initials KA have been distributed at various locations in Denpasar.

The posters state, “Deputy Commander Wallet Quick Reaction (WRC LAN), Bali Provincial Anti-Narcotics Agency for Foreign Workers. Illegal Immigration Turns a Blind Eye? Violates Article 122 of the Immigration Law…”

On Sunday, 21st May 2023, the posters were spotted in multiple spots around Niti Mandala Renon Square.

The Bali Regional Office of the Law and Human Rights Ministry, represented by Barron Ichsan, Head of the Immigration Division in Bali, responded to the viral posters, addressing whether the ministry neglected the issue of foreigners participating in this mass organisation.

Ichsan stated that his office had not received any complaints regarding the matter. As an agency responsible for foreign citizens, Immigration can only take action upon receiving coordination or recommendations from the supervisory agency of the mass organisation.

Immigration is awaiting coordination or recommendations from the mass organisation’s supervisory agency to take action if there are any violations of the rules by the foreigner. To date, there have been no such coordination or recommendations made to Immigration,” explained Ichsan on Monday, 22nd May.

Furthermore, Ichsan clarified that regulations concerning foreign workers were governed by the Plan for Using Foreign Workers (RPTKA). These provisions require foreigners to obtain the Plan for Using Foreign Workers, which is issued by the Ministry of Manpower, in order to work and receive a salary from a legal entity.

“Mass organisations, on the other hand, do not involve employment or salaries,” he added.

Ichsan emphasised that mass organisations pertain to social affairs, and the decision regarding whether a foreigner can join a mass organisation lies with the organisation’s builders, not Immigration or the Ministry of Manpower, which issue and review the Plan for Using Foreign Workers.

Regarding the Immigration Law Article 122 mentioned in the leaflet, it states that “Any foreigner who intentionally misuses or engages in activities that do not align with the intended purpose of their granted Stay Permit shall be subject to imprisonment for a maximum of five years and a fine of up to Rp500 million.

Ichsan reiterated that surveillance of foreigners is conducted in collaboration with other agencies according to their respective responsibilities.

To address the issue of foreign tourists with low spending and disruptive behaviour, the Bali Province Foreigners Monitoring Team (PORA Team) convened earlier this week. The goal is to improve the quality of foreign tourist arrivals and contribute to the prosperity of the Balinese community through the collective efforts and synergy of all PORA Team members.

Enforcement of immigration laws serves as a manifestation of the government’s commitment to upholding state sovereignty and combating violations of immigration regulations.

This year, the Bali Immigration Service has imposed administrative sanctions by deporting 118 foreign nationals from 34 countries who violated laws and norms in Bali.

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