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How to Deal With a Crisis in a Relationship

How to Deal With a Crisis in a Relationship

A crisis is an inevitable stage in any relationship. But you shouldn’t take it as something that leads to the dead end. On the contrary, during this period, couples can reach a new level of feelings.

Of course, it is not very easy to overcome the crisis. But if you succeed, your relationship will only grow stronger.

  1.   Admit that you have a crisis in your relationship

Accepting the thought that your relationship is going through a difficult (but logical) period is already an extremely important step. At this very first stage many couples break up: not wanting to admit the existence of a crisis in the relationship, and even more so to overcome it together, people slam the door, hotly saying mutual accusations, insults, and reproaches. According to statistics, this is how 90% of couples break up as a result of the crisis of the first year of relationships! The remaining 10% will have to cope with a crisis of 3 years, a crisis of childbirth, personal crises, a crisis of 7 years, 15 years, and finally, crises related to external circumstances. It will be a little easier to go through each of these difficulties and become a gentleman for your woman if you realize that the crisis in relationships is a natural stage that can take to a new level if you have enough patience, love, and desire to stay together.

  1.   Respect the personal space of each other

Every person has a personal space, and intrusion into it is always perceived very sharply. If partners, for some reason, can’t or don’t want to observe these boundaries, then conflicts will be inevitable, and relationships will hopelessly deteriorate. Taking into account the interests of your partner, you can always come to a mutual agreement. But, at the same time, don’t forget about your interests. Just remember that everyone has personal space, and its boundaries must be respected. Then you will be able to fully express your individuality, keep your feelings and relationships fresh.

  1.   Have a goal to overcome difficulties

It is not easy to invest time, patience, and efforts in relationships. It is much easier to stay at work till night, go to a bar after a quarrel, look for what Russian girls like and chat with them on the Internet, or just go shopping with your friends. It is even easier to end the relationship, and this option is chosen by many couples. But only a firm decision to “fight” for the relationships will help resolve the conflict and give them a new breath.

  1.   Stay together

No matter whatever the cause of the conflict is, never leave your home. Most of us are emotional. During quarrels, the degree of emotion is off the scale, and it seems to us that the decision taken now is reasonable. Demonstratively picking up a suitcase and loudly slamming the door is nothing more than a desire to punish and hurt another for the pain that you are experiencing. Most often, there is no real intention to break up, but there is a desire to make the other guilty of a quarrel.

  1.   Work on mistakes

It is not easy to keep a cool head during a crisis – emotions overwhelm and resentments accumulate like a snowball. And yet, try to analyze and understand what actually happens. When did irritation begin to accumulate in your relationship? What did you miss? What doesn’t your partner receive? What could have been prevented? How can this be fixed? By the way, it is good if a professional psychologist comes to your aid because this will reduce the degree of emotions. A specialist will ask the right questions and understand the exact reasons for the difficulties that have arisen and what you have to work on.

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