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Join the Online Talent Search, the Next Big Indonesia Stars

The Next Indonesia Big Stars - Boyband Search

Young talented men, listen up! Full Colour Entertainment invites any of you, regardless if you’re Indonesian or an expat, who’s able to dance or sing to join the talent scouting event, “The Next Big Indonesia Stars”.

David Ananda, Managing Director of Full Colour Entertainment, enthused that many of today’s youth, especially young men, are talented at singing or dancing. This proves that there needs to be a channel to project those talents through.

“Boybands such as Westlife, Boyzone, and Why Don’t We (WDW), were all born from a talent scouting event like this one,” David Ananda explained.

Joey Ferry, CEO of Full Colour Entertainment, said that this event will be seeking four talented young men to sing or dance. The lucky winners will become a boy band and make an album along with the associated music videos. Then, they will perform regularly as the opening act at each international artist’s concerts held by Full Colour Entertainment in Indonesia. If all goes well, the winners will be invited to tour around Southeast Asia with a boy band from overseas.

“We want to show the public and perhaps even the world, that this plague is not a barrier to the young talents of Indonesia – they can continue to work,” said Joey Ferry.
Joining in this event is very easy. Prospective participants must fulfil the following requirements:
1. Young men, aged 16-20 years.
2. Have an exciting look.
3. Send in a short biography, recent photos, and introduction in the form of a video.
4. Choose one of the talents: singing or dancing, and showcase it in the video or a TikTok video.
5. Email everything to [email protected] and [email protected]
6. The deadline for the video is 30th April 2020
Well, what are you waiting for? Get your details and video sent over immediately to join the event and become the next WDW.
For more information, visit or follow @FullColorParty on social media. Remember, #stayathome #stayproductive.

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