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ICAD 2019 “X Factor” is Back

ICAD 2019
“X Factor”
16th October – 24th November 2019
at Grand Kemang Jakarta

Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD) will be back for the tenth time. This year, ICAD has the theme of “X Factor” invites various artists and designers, who are considered important and have made major contributions in the development of Indonesian contemporary art and design in the last twenty years, to use the ‘mind mapping’ method in tracing their work processes. Some of them are Agus Suwage (artist – Yogyakarta), Nirwan Dewanto (sastrawan – Jakarta), Dolorosa Sinaga (artist – Jakarta), Hadiprana (interior designer – Jakarta), and Rinaldy Yuniardi (fashion designer – Jakarta).


In addition, ICAD will also invite artists and designers who are considered important contributors to the latest developments in Indonesian contemporary art and design, such as Danny Wicaksono (architect – Jakarta), Denny Priyatna (product designer – Jakarta), Paul Kadarisman (photographer – Jakarta), Pingkan Polla (artist – Jakarta), Tommy Ambiyo (fashion designer – Jakarta), and Yaya Sung (artist – Jakarta).

For the first time in ten years, ICAD held an open submission and marketplace that features the work of talented artists and designers. In addition to displaying works of art and design, ICAD is also holding various conventions from the fields of art, design, and film. ICAD 2019 will also feature a major programme in the form of ICAD Awards; a tribute to creative actors who are considered important and have made a major contribution to the development of the world of design and contemporary art in Indonesia. The award recipients will be selected by a jury team who will choose from the recommendations and research conducted by ICAD.

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