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10 Career Choices With Incredible Upside for 2021 and Beyond

The world is changing so rapidly that it can be hard to tell what progress is being made in what areas and how you can take advantage of it.

This is especially true for areas in which work and careers are changing too. A lot is going on that can indicate a change in ways that is hard to track. Automation, digital technology, working from home, just some of the major shifts in our society that have become noticeable in the past decade or so. While 2020 has not always been great for many, it has also shown a lot of promise for a few reasons.

The first reason is that 2020 is going to come to an end soon, and a new year can mean a new start for many of us. This new year can bring great change if you are open to the possibilities and opportunities out there. Some of these opportunities include potential career choices. You might be looking for a new career to follow in 2021 to expand your horizons, become more financially independent, or simply be happier with a new work-life. Whatever your reasons are, you need ideas. Here are ten career choices with high upside in 2021 and beyond.


The job of the electrician has never really gone out of style. Still, the best part is that it is only growing because of our need for more reliable technicians due to our increased dependence on electricity. This career path requires a short amount of schooling, and it can be dangerous at times, but it is also important, so there is never a shortage of need for these workers. The more we move towards electrical power and equipment, the bigger the need for this career, and it could be one that helps you find your passion in your professional life. It is also important to note that becoming an electrician is a valuable trade no matter where you live, so it has a lot of flexibility as a career in that regards as well.

Industrial Fabricator

The creation of metal-based structures and creations is another important part of making sure that a working industry can support society. Being an industrial fabricator can involve many different job responsibilities, and if you click here, you can see that the possibilities may interest you. Working on construction sites, dealing with metalworks, and making things that actually serve a purpose in your community and beyond show that you can be responsible for something that makes a difference. It is also a career that can allow you to work with your hands, which definitely has its advantages.

Computer Scientist

It is no surprise that being involved with computers for a living is going to be lucrative moving into the future. This is one that already had upside and is allowing people to enjoy some really incredible benefits, but there are no signs of slowing down for the potential of being a computer scientist. Being responsible for creating programs and understanding digital systems’ technical knowledge can allow you to find jobs in every industry and even allow you to branch off and do your own thing with coding. The future is digital, and you can take advantage of that now by realizing your possible future as a coveted computer scientist. There are also positions in computer programming and engineering, all of which will play an important role in the future of how our world runs.

Environmental Scientist

While the future is digital on computers, it is also just as important to look around us and appreciate the natural world while we have it. There is a huge push for people to study and understand the science of our natural world so we can better the planet. Doing field research and work with major industries in energy production and development allows you to get your hands dirty and step outside of the office actually to experience a dynamic workplace. Environmental scientists usually require higher education, and many decide to get their degrees in post-graduate studies as well. This is a tough job to get into because of the expectations, but it plays an important role in our planet’s future, which makes it worth the effort.

Mechanical Engineer

Engineers are revered as one of the most sought after career paths. It is tough work and requires intelligence, problem-solving, and creative thinking, but it is a very useful job to help our world function. Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing mechanical nature things, which could be anything from a small part inside a car to an entire automation machine. These engineers help create a world that functions better, safer, and more intelligently. As automation and other robotic aspects of society become more pronounced, we will need more mechanical engineers to help maintain them.

Home Care Aide

A large percentage of our existing population is ageing in a more saddening turn, which means they will need support. This vast number of people will soon become senior citizens, and those citizens will require care and support. A growing industry is the home care aide field of work because many seniors would prefer to live in their home rather than a care facility. Families cannot always afford these facilities, and the memories associated with their home make it more of a comfortable place for their elderly days to play out. Home care aides will increase as the population ages, so this is a great career choice if you want to help give people a dignified quality of life in their homes.

Data Analyst

Digital technology is clearly one of the primary themes here for future job growth, and it is no surprise that the need for those smart enough to read raw data would be an integral part of society’s future. Data analysts are useful in many fields, from healthcare to finance, as they are able to spot trends and patterns, which can help make predictive information more readily accessible. Data analysis is a hugely important part of the world as is but is only going to become more useful as highly-organized number crunching will have to deal with even more data values. This is a career with a huge upside in 2021.

Green Energy Technician

Like an environmental scientist, the focus on the environment is becoming too important to ignore. Many major industries and career fields are starting to realize how important it is. The biggest one is the green energy sector, attempting to do its best to divert resources from non-renewable power sources like oil and gas and create alternatives with solar, wind, and hydro. A key figure in this field is the technicians behind the maintenance of solar panels or wind turbines. These workers are doing a tireless, often thankless job, but they help maintain the systems so that people can get their power and make sure that it is clean. The move to more green energy will make this a hot job to have in the future.

Human Resources Officer

It should also come as no surprise that people need to be more tolerant of one another now and that the workplace should be an inclusive space to conduct professional business in. Human resource officers work hard to create kinder and safe places for people of all colors, creeds, sexuality, gender, and religious affiliation to work and feel respected in. As the workplace grows, there need to be individuals who can make sure that everyone’s voice is heard so that no one feels out of place. The more people can fit in at work, the better it will be for everyone, which is why an HR officer is a job that can be incredibly important on the social level.

Information Security

All of the important information that we keep on our phones, computers, and entrust to technology to relay back and forth every day needs to be secured, which is what an information security technician deals with. This career path has limitless potential based on the obvious fact that we are not slowing down our pursuit of a digital and technologically-based society. Knowing this fact, you can understand the need to develop and implement strategies and security preventative measures to keep sensitive data and information safe. IT is a huge section of digital services, and beyond that, there are jobs involving the installation or maintenance of security systems for information. Without IT services, we would all be a lot worse off.

You might not be on the hunt for a new career path right now, but it never hurts to see what is out there. With so much change going on in the world right now, you can quickly see how these developments unfold for people in their professional lives. New opportunities are creating new careers, and this list includes just 10 of the possible jobs to choose from that have fantastic potential in the coming year and beyond.

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