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Effective Fleet Management with Indosat Ooredoo NEXTFleet

“Anything that can be connected, will be connected,” someone once said.

With NEXTFleet, a simple broadband Internet connection allows for IoT solutions to optimize distribution process from planning, scheduling, assignment, and up to fleet monitoring with pinpoint accuracy and real-time tracking using mobile applications and other devices.

How will this work? As broadband Internet becomes more widely available and the costs associated decrease, more and more companies will use IoT technology, which is a vast network of connected “things” (including people). These connected devices and people communicate with each other to cut down on operating costs, creating efficiencies, all the while allowing productivity to increase. This IoT technology can be applied to things like transportation networks like NEXTFleet to help us understand and improve how we work and live.

With NEXTFleet, you can reduce fuel costs and vehicle maintenance with planned activities and optimal route selection, increase distribution capacity by optimizing your existing fleet. Customers can also set delivery schedules and easily track the status of distribution positions in real-time.

NEXTFleet has also created different interfaces for the fleet manager, driver and customer. A multipoint destinations tool to allow for the fleet to perform distribution activities to multiple destination locations. Clients and fleet managers can monitor position and distribution activity in real time. Finally, all this can be modified as needed to suit the client’s business.

Why choose NEXTFleet to meet your fleet management needs? Indosat Ooredoo is Indonesia’s leading digital telco with a mission that includes liberating product and services, creating a data-strong network, treating their customers like friends and creating a digital transformation. They are quick to adapt and skilled in problem-solving, making fast decisions and taking the appropriate actions when necessary. They are reliable and strive for excellence through continuous service improvement and refinement. They also seek to be a change driver in the industry.

The modern retail industry is growing very rapidly in Indonesia. The distribution chain process in the retail industry is complex and requires a high degree of accuracy. To be the best modern retail company, a sophisticated distribution chain monitoring system is required.

The lack of traditional market development is on account of many things, among which are the still poor institutional infrastructure of traditional markets. The distribution chain process is very long and requires a high level of accuracy. The company regulates the process from the availability of goods by suppliers, the availability of goods in storage warehouses, delivery of goods to the availability of goods at outlets.

To ensure that the process runs smoothly, effectively and efficiently, a system and application capable of handling the distribution chain process are required. Let NEXTFleet be that system for your company.

At Indosat Ooredoo, we make connectivity work for you. Interested to know how Indosat Ooredoo Business can help your company in fleet optimization with NEXTFleet? Visit us at or Contact us at 0815-1201-8888 or email to [email protected]

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