Domestic Travel Rules in Micro PPKM

Domestic Travel Rules in Micro PPKM

The implementation of micro enforcement of restrictions on community activities, or Micro PPKM, includes policies regarding domestic travel arrangements on 9-22nd February 2021.

The government spokesperson for Handling Covid-19, Wiku Adisasmito, said the rules are still the same for travels to Bali. Air travel requires a negative PCR test up to 48 hours before departure or an antigen test a maximum of 24 hours before departure.

“Travels via the sea and land, both using private vehicles and public transportation, must have a negative PCR test or antigen test 72 hours before departure,” Wiku continued.

Trips to Java and outside Java, especially by land on public transportation, will require travellers to undergo random antigen test or GeNose test if needed by the COVID-19 Task Force in the regions.

Meanwhile, travelling by air and sea will require PCR test 72 hours before departure or antigen 48 hours before departure with negative test results.

“Meanwhile, during long holidays and religious holidays for Java and other islands, for example, the Chinese New Year this week, long-distance land transportation and trains using PCR, antigen, or GeNose tests must be done 24 hours before departure. There will be travel restrictions carried out by land mode and personal vehicles done by the central and regional traffic management,” said Wiku.

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